Looking forward to Heroes Made in Asia

Oh yeahhhh! This weekend, we're going to Heroes Made in Asia and we can't wait! Heroes Made in Asia takes place on April 30th and May 1st in Gorinchem, the Netherlands and it's the place to be if you love Asian popculture! We visited the event for the first time last year in November and we absolutely loved it! This time we'll be there for 2 days and we're so excited. We have so many plans! Let's take a look.  

Heroes Made in Asia 2021

Since we had so much fun at Heroes Made in Asia 2021, we are looking forward to this weekend A LOT! Last year, we bought a lot merchandise (whoop whoop!), did a Japanese lesson (which was really great! We found out we are not as talented as we thought haha. However, I still remember some words I learned), we attended the Q&A of Veronica Taylor (very interesting, she was great!) and we had some amazing food (ooooh we're so much looking forward to that again). One thing we did say to each other when we went back home last year was that we should reserve more time for the workshops! We only did one (the Japanese lesson). So that's something we will definitely take into account now. (no worries, we'll talk more about the workshops in this article!). I'm happy we'll be there for two days this time, because it means more time to do everything we want! (even though we ALWAYS need more time haha. These events should last weeks instead of days!) A few pictures of last year: 

Heroes Made in Asia 2022

This year, there's also a great program again! On main stage you can find:  

  • K-Pop dance performance - K-motion
  • Cosplay catwalk
  • Cosplay contest
  • Live drawing with Marian Company
  • Q&A Jason Page
  • Jason Page on stage with the Pokémon theme song
  • Cosplay dating show
  • Taiko Drums sensation
  • Cosplay ceremony
  • Dress Up Town 
  • Panel: What is really a manga and how to draw one? with Marian Company and Judit Mallol

Learning new things

There are a lot of workshops that you can attend and we are very excited about them. A few examples of workshops that will be held: Tea ceremony, Japanese language (highly recommended!), origami, Japanese calligraphy, wig styling, cosplay workshop, traveling to Japan, cosplay photoshoot tips and much more! 


There's also an 'Active Heroes' program! There's so much exciting to do there as well. It's nice to stay active too during an event like this! And to learn something new. Just think of Wing Chun, Kendo, Hapkido, laido and SsangGeom. I have to say that I'm not familiar with all of these, but definitely excited to learn more! 


Next to that, there's also lessons to learn about food! Oh yesss. There's a food theater program. Which contains learning to make sushi and getting to know the Japanese kitchen! 

Gaming & K-Pop

If you're into gaming, there's definitely enough for you to do at Heroes Made in Asia as well! There's a great gaming program, with a lot of variety. There's a Tetris challenge, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Show match, Nintendo Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Switch sports and much more!


There's also a K-Pop program! There are K-pop workshops, random play dances and guess the intro. 

And much more!

And there will be much more that you can do. Like eat great food and look at all the merchandise (and buy some!). I still remember from last year there was a lot to see and do! We would say, just head over to Heroes Made in Asia and be suprised! Just experience the event for yourself and see how much fun it is! 

Our plans

We are so ready for Heroes Made in Asia. The B&B is booked, plans are made! And we are definitely ambitious in our plans. Just a few things that we would really like to do at Heroes Made in Asia: 

  • Attend the tea ceremony workshop
  • Attend the traveling to Japan workshop
  • See the Q&A of Jason Page
  • See Jason Page on stage with the Pokémon theme song
  • Play some games
  • Find some great merchandise

And above all: Have a great time! And we hope to see you there! 

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    Martine Mussies (Friday, 29 April 2022 12:16)

    Ik ga vanavond al met de trein, zodat we er morgenochtend op tijd zijn... ;-) hoop jullie daar te zien! Sowieso: heel veel plezier gewenst! ^_^