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You probably haven't missed it: All the talk about Black Mirror's new episode: Bandersnatch. I have written a series talk about Black Mirror before, I really like the series! Bandersnatch is a very unique episode though and definitely worth to talk about in a separate article. Bandersnatch is about Stefan Butler, a young guy who's making a game of a fantasy novel. Working on the game has a big influence on him. Can he still tell the difference between the game and reality?  What makes this episode so special, is that you, as a viewer, can influence this episode. During the episode you get some choices.  While watching, you'll the choices pop up at the bottom of the screen. You just click on the option you choose. The choices you make, influence the plot and ending of this episode. 

My opinion

I was really thrilled about seeing this episode! When I was younger, I have read a few books that would give you choices. A chapter would end with a choice and tell you which chapter to read for which choice. I really liked that. It was nice to have a bit of influence on the story and it gives you opportunity to read a book multiple times because of the different story lines.

Watching Bandersnatch felt a bit different for me though. It started great. I like how you can also make small choices that you see back in a later moment (breakfast & music choice). But as soon as the 'real' choices came up, I actually felt quite stressed. Somehow I got the feeling that I needed to make the right decision. It felt like I had to make sure Stefan would succeed in making his game and would be able to release it. Sometimes, when I made specific choice I was 'sent back' in time and would get the same choice later again. That made feel even more like I could make wrong decisions. 

I really liked the plot of the episode and the idea of making choices to influence the plot. However, I won't Bandersnatch a second time. I was too stressed while watching and being sent back sometimes was quite frustrating. I'm not going to deep into it, but that was just how I felt while watching. I would love to see another movie/ series likes this, but in a different way. What are your thoughts? 

The actors

I didn't see a lot of familiar faces in Bandersnatch. I know Will Poulter, who plays Colin Ritman, for the Maze Runner and We're the Millers. Other actors/ actresses in this episode are: 


  • Fionn Whitehead plays Stefan Butler
  • Craig Parkinson as Peter Butler
  • Alice Lowe as Dr. Haynes
  • Asim Chaudry as Mohan Thakur
  • Tallulah Haddon as Kitty


Imdb: 7,5 

Me: 6

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