Series Tip: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an anthology series. Every episode contains a completely new story. The theme of the series is modern technology. There's a focus on innovative products & new technological development. The episodes show the unexpected consequences of these developments. This all takes place in an alternative present/ near future. I like the subject of innovation & technology and the philosophical questions that come with it. The series is a bit dark & satirical. I like that. It's fun to watch. Not to serious, but enough to make you think & wonder. 

How about the actors?

That's a hard question for this series! Almost no one plays in more than 1 episode. Every episode there are new actors. So it won't be useful to discuss all of them here haha. I'll just say that I think the overall acting is very good & great casting. 

Favorite episodes

Because Black Mirror is an anthology series, I'll discuss a few of my favorite epsiodes! 


Season 4 episode 2

Marie is at the playground with her daughter. Suddenly her daughter is gone. She panics, but luckily she finds her girl back. After this incident, she decides to sign her daughter up for an experimental program. On an Ipad, Marie can now follow her daughter, see her vitals and see what her daughter sees. She can also blur violent or inappropriate things she may see. 


Season 4 epsiode 4 

Episode 4 is about a dating app or system called 'the system'. The system helps you find the one. But first, you have to date a lot to learn & know what you want. The system arranges everything: Not only your date, but it will also show how long this relationship will last..


Season 3 episode 1

This one is dominated by getting scores via social media. The higher the scores you get, the higher you social rank is. A woman really wants to boost her social rank. So she decides to attend the chic wedding of an old friend..  


Season 1 episode 1

The British prime minister hears that Princess Susannah has been kidnapped. She's a much loved member of the royal family. She will be killed unless the prime minister will have sex with a pig on national television. 

How many seasons?

The are 4 seasons up until now. 

My opinion

I love watching Black Mirror! I never binge watch it. But I just pick a random episode whenever I feel like watching. The theme is awesome, I really like seeing what technology might be able to do. And I like the critical note in it. I like some episodes better than others. Some I haven't watched at all yet. Maybe I will, later on. The best thing for me is the creativity and innovation in every episode. It always surprises me. But still the story is well thought through, always pointing out the (possible) consequences. I'd love to hear from you: What's your favorite episode?  


Imdb: 8.9

Me: 8

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