Series tip: The Sinner

After watching 3%, I was so ready for a new series. But the question is always: What to watch?? After looking around a bit on Netflix, I stumbled upon the Sinner. I started watching it because the plot intrigued me: Cora Tannetti goes to the beach with her husband and child. One moment, she's slicing up a pear for her son. The next moment, she gets up and keeps on stabbing a man who's sitting close to them on the beach with his friends. No one understands why this mom, with no record of violence has done this. She's just saying that she did it and that she doesn't know why. One of the investigators on her case becomes obsessed with the story. He just wants to find out why she did this. 

My opinion

I'm not always into thriller series which are working toward solving a crime or a mystery for an x amount of episodes. I usually like the element of surprise more. I like not knowing where the series is headed. But I have to admit: This plot really intrigued me and I just felt like the writer wanted me to: I was so curious why Cora, being at the beach with her husband and child, would commit such a crime.


Being triggered to watch a series is one thing. But can it live up to my expectations? I have to say that I really like the pace of this series. And luckily for me: There are a lot of twists and mysteries. Just how I really like it. In the beginning I was afraid the series would go to quickly. But that's not the case. They succeed in keeping the story line interesting. 

I like how they work with flashbacks to show you a bit more history on the characters. Also getting some insights on the investigator is done very well. The Sinner is based on the novel with the same name by Petra Hammesfahr.  

How about the actors?

The main actors in the series are: 


Jessica Biel as Cora Tannetti

Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose  (The investigator) 

Christopher Abbott as Mason Tannetti (Cora's husband) 

Dohn Norwood as Dan Leroy

Abby Miller as Caitlin Sullivan 

Danielle Burgess as Maddie


Jessica Biel is amazing! She's such a great actress and I love how she portays Cora Tannetti. She's so strong in this role. It really makes the series. I also think Bill Pullman is a great actor for the role of Harry Ambrose. He reminds me a bit of Robin Williams in movies like What Dreams May Come.  

How many seasons?

The second season will premiere on August 1st, 2018. 


Imdb: 8

Me: 8

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