Series tip: 3%

I have another series tip for you! I totally love this series and I've been really addicted. I'm talking about the Brazilian Netflix Original series 3%. I've seen the series pop up on Netflix more often, but somehow I was never tempted to watch it. After watching the Rain, I decided to start watching 3%. 

Best. Decision. Ever. I had quite the after series dip after the Rain. But 3% totally blew me away! 

The series takes place in the future. There are 2 places: The Inland and the Island. 3% of the people live on the Island, the 'better side'. Every year, the people at the Inland get the chance to go through a sort of competition and selection process called the Process. 3% of the people make it through the Process and are allowed to go to the Island. Season 1 of 3% kicks off with the start of the annual Process. 

My opinion

I'm really enthusiastic about 3%. I love everything about this series.  I already loved the Hunger Games. But the Hunger Games was much more playful. And more about the love story than 3% is.It's actually how the Hunger Games was about life and death (only one would survive) and still feels more playful to me. 3% is not about life or death. Maybe it's worse: It's about hope and losing it. Everyone gets 1 chance to go to the Island. They train for it their whole lives. Leave their families behind (If you win, you can't bring your children or partner, it's just you). And if you lose, you just have to return. 


The whole series is about the hope of going to the Island. Being at the Island, winning the process is the only thing that matters. The only thing. They keep saying to people, you have to be worthy. If you're part of the 3%, you're worthy. If you don't get through the process? Well, then you belong in the Inland. You'r not worthy of the Island. It shapes peoples identity and feeling for self worth. 

The difference between the people at the Inland and Island are made very clear. You can see it by just looking at their clothes. The way of living. Housing. Colors. Everything. The Process is hard. You need to willing to do everything. To really want to go to the Island. No matter what.  I can't wait for more seasons of 3% to come!! 

How about the actors?

I wasn't familiar with any of the actors in this series. Which isn't strange because I haven't watched a lot of Brazilian movies or series. But I have to say that I love the cast. There are some great actors and I would definitely love to see them in other movies or series or meet them at a comic con!  If you read on: Spoiler alert! I'm going to tell a few things about some characters which might spoil the way the story goes. 


I think the process leader Ezequiel is great! He's played by João Miguel. I also think that Vaneza Oliveira (as Joana) and Rodolfo Valente (As Rafael) are awesome. Bianca Comparato portays a mysterious Michele. I'm always shifting my opinion of Michele as a character and that's because Bianca is doing so well. 


I like the way Rodolfo handles the changes in Rafael. It's one of the characters that changes a lot overtime and I hated in the beginning. But overtime I came to understood the importance of his character. And Vaneza, she shows so many sides of Joana. She's just such an interesting character to see develop. 

How many seasons?

2 Up until now. 


Imdb: 7,6

Me: 9

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