Movie review: Total Performance

A while ago we received a few requests for reviewing short films. I've already reviewed Here Lies Joe. And today I watched Total Performance! 

The story

The film is about Cori, she's an aspiring actress.  Currently, she works for a company that employs actors to play opposite real people who want to rehearse a difficult conversation. A breakup, a firing, or even an embarrassing confession: the company that she works for provides a living, breathing 'sparring dummy' for their clients. 


I think it's an intriguing job. Funny enough, I've never thought about that being a job before. But somehow it does makes sense. Of course there are coaches and courses that also use role play and actors. But I had never heard of this as a service you can book. Excellent idea actually. I think many people might want use that service. 


Anyway, let's get back to Cori. We follow her getting to work and on a date. She tells about her work. I think that's a nice way to show more about her work and the impact of it in a short time. I liked that approach. It gives some insights in how she views her job and the way she approaches her clients. It must be hard for people to open up to a stranger and just start their difficult conversation. But Cori is very good at making people feel at ease. At the start of the film, we hear her say: 'You're never going to see me again.' Something that makes her client feel at ease. 

The film

For a short film, there's a lot I can say. The camera work and sound are very good. Cori is being played by Tory Berner. Other roles are for Steven Conroy (As Tim Madsen), Caitling Berger (as Annie Heron), Anthony Rainville (as Rafi), Timothy J. Cox (as Walter Baron) and more! The acting was good. And I have to be honest: I really loved this short film. I like the subject: it's very interesting and really makes me think. I like to overthink how people react on things. And don't we all prepare difficult conversations in our head? Thinking over all the possible scenarios? 


Besides that, the story made me really curious. I still want to know more about Cori and her job. I like the story. I won't tell too much about it because I don't want to give any spoilers. Just watch it ;). 

The pace of the movie is good, and I like the way it's written and built up. It kept me interested the whole time and I wish this would be a full length movie. When the movie ended, I would have loved to see more.

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