Weekend of Hell finalizes guest list for Spring edition

A while ago we already updated you on the guest list of Weekend of Hell. Meanwhile, they have announced many more guests and their list now complete. Now we just have to wait 2,5 more weeks to enjoy Weekend of Hell. So let's take a moment to discuss their guest list! 

The Guests

Bruce Campbell: Evil Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead

Neve Campbell: Scream, House of Cards, Party of Five

Laurie Holden: The Walking Dead, the Shield, Silent Hill

Danny Glover: Lethal Weapon, 2012, Predator

Danielle Harris: Halloween, See no Evil 

Tom Sizemore: Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan

Dario Argento: Two Evil Eyes, Phenomena, Tenebre

Betsy Baker: The Evil Dead

Theresa Tilly: The Evil Dead

Tyler Labine: Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Ray Santiago: Ash vs. Evil Dead, In Time

Julie Benz: Dexter, Circle, Saw

Jesse Moss: Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Final Destination, the Uninvited

Franco Nero: Django Unchained, John Wick: Chapter 2, 

Lochlyn Munro: Riverdale, Freddy vs. Jason, Scary Movie

Kenneth Cranham: Hellbound:Hellraiser II, Layer Cake, Valkyrie

Ralf Richter: Das Boot

Cerina Vincent: Cabi Fever, Power Rangers

Weekend of Hell

I'm planning to visit Weekend of Hell the whole weekend! I'm looking forward to it a lot. They have a great guest list. My favorites are Neve Campbell, Bruce Campbell, Lochlyn Munro, Julie Benz, Ray Santiago, Danny Glover and Dario Argento? Who's your favorite guest?  

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