Weekend of Hell: the Guests

Attention horror fans! Today we're talking about Weekend of Hell. Weekend of Hell describes itself as the ultimate fan event for fans of horror, movies, TV-shows and entertainment. The next edition of Weekend of Hell is on April 7th and 8th in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. The big dealer hall offers DVDs & Blu-rays, movie posters, action figures, figurines, film cells, props, displays, photos, autographs, masks, t-shirts and much more from dealers all over Europe. Besides that, there will be star guests (available for panels, signings & photo ops), free film screenings, presentations of new horror movies, fan movies, workshops, movie props and much more. 

The guests

As you know, we love meeting star guests at conventions. So of course we want to talk about the guests of Weekend of Hell! The last edition of WOH was packed with incredible guests (unfortunately we couldn't go). And this time, it'going great as well! 

I was really really enthusiastic when I heard that Neve Campbell would be attending Weekend of Hell! That is really incredible. I've been a big fan of Scream ever since I saw the first movie. And it would so nostalgic to be able to meet Neve! I'm really impressed to see her on the guest list! 


Another huge name is Bruce Campbell! So many people will be thrilled about that! We all know him as Ash in the Evil Dead 1 & 2 and Army of Darkness. but he has played so many incredible roles! 


Danielle Harris is also on the guest list! She's known for Halloween 4 & 5 and Rob Zombies Halloween I & II. She also played roles in Fear Clinic, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and way more! 


Fans of the Walking Dead can be happy as well. Laurie Holden (Andrea) will be attending Weekend of Hell as well! We have seen her at FACTS already, but only attended her panel at that time. 


Danny Glover is also a huge guest! He's known for Lethal Weapon, 2012, Saw, Monster Truck and much more. I'd love to meet Danny Glover! 


Another guest as well will be Tom Sizemore.  He has done some awesome movies and roles: Saving Private Ryan, Heat, Black Hawk Down, Twin Peaks, Natural Born Killers and much more! 


Last but not least: Clare Higgins is also a guest! I know her for Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II. I'm thrilled to see a Hellraiiser guest at Weekend of Hell. 

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