Series tip: Ash vs Evil Dead

When you're a fan of Evil Dead, don't miss the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. Ash vs Evil Dead is a sequel to the original trilogy. I really like the Evil Dead movies. And because I will be visiting Weekend of Hell in a few weeks, I decided to start watching Ash vs. Evil Dead.  At Weekend of Hell, Bruce Campbell & Ray Santagio will be guests. Amazing, right? 

In Ash vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell takes on the role of Ash again. He hasn't done a lot since Army of Darkness. But it's time to step up his game. Humanity needs to be saved!  This time, he teams up with Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo). 

My opinion

I started watching this series because of Weekend of Hell 2 weeks ago. I started by watching Army of Darkness and then I began to watch this series. I always have to get used to the humor again a bit. But I really like this series. It's funny and has a great story. I love that Bruce Campbell is back as Ash. And the other actors are awesome as well. 


It really succeeds to keep the look & feel of the Evil Dead movies. But I also like the things that are different. The cast is great. I liked Pablo & Kelly from the start and Ash is a great as always. It's a nice series that you can watch any time you like! I watch it whenever I can: At home, in the train, on my phone. If you loved the Evil Dead movie, definitely give this a chance. 

How about the actors

Of course there's Bruce Campbell! We already know him as Ash from the Evil Dead movies. He's great and I love that he plays the role of Ash in this series as well. 


I was also very happy and surprised to see Lucy Lawless in this series. I'm a huge Xena fan and I'm so glad to see her in this series. She's awesome as Ruby and I really to hope to see her at a con one day as well. 


Other main oles are for Ray Santiago (as Pablo) and Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly). I didn't know them yet, but love their roles in Ash vs Evil Dead. 

How many seasons?

The series started in 2005 and has 3 seasons up until now. 


Imdb: 8,5

Me: 7,5

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