What to watch? Movie tips 3!

Having a lot of DVDs is like having a lot of clothes. You can look at your closet and think: I have nothing to wear. I can look at all my DVDs and think: I've got nothing to watch. Making choices is hard! I get that. I sometimes feel like it's hard to choose. So I'll help you a bit! I'll give you 3 tips of movies to watch next week! I'll do this more often and try to give a mix of genres, pick old & new ones and vary in well know/ well hidden gems. Here's Movie tips part 2! (Also check out part 1!)

1. Rain Man

In February, Pathe cinemas is showing some classic movies again. Last week, I watched Rain Man! It had been a long time since I watched the movie but I loved just as much as I did the first time. Charlie Babbit's father died and leaves his fortune to his other son, an autistic savant. Charlie didn't even know he had a brother. So he's determined to find out more about him. 

2. Room

Room has been on my watch list for a couple of years. And then I finally found the time to watch it! 

A woman has already been held captive for 7 years. Her 5-year old son, has been born in captivity. His world is 'Room'. The room they stay in. They both try to find a way to escape. 


3. The One I Love

This is quite a weird movie. Watch it if you like a touch of drama and romance. But it's different from a usual romantic comedy. This movie some weird twists. I enjoyed that. It's about a couple that's having some problems. They decide to go on a little holiday together. But bizarre circumstances only makes things weirder and weirder between them... 

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