What to watch? Movie tips!

Having a lot of DVDs is like having a lot of clothes. You can look at your closet and think: I have nothing to wear. I can look at all my DVDs and think: I've got nothing to watch. Making choices is hard! I get that. I sometimes feel like it's hard to choose. So I'll help you a bit! I'll give you 3 tips of movies to watch next week! I'll do this more often and try to give a mix of genres, pick old & new ones and vary in well know/ well hidden gems.  Let's start with the first 3 tips. 

1. Jagten

Jagten is a 2012 Danish drama movie. I thought this movie was really really good. It's one of the most impressive movies I've watched and I definitely recommend watching this movie. The movie is directed by Thomas Vinterberg (also known for Festen). The main role in this movie is for Mads Mikkelsen. he plays a teacher named Lucas. Lucas is a well liked kindergarten teacher. He struggles with his divorce and the relationship with his teenage son. Then , he is being wrongfully accused by the 5 year old Klara (the daughter of his best friend) of abuse. Because of that, his life change into a nightmare. Mads Mikkelsen is absolutely great and the story will keep you interested till the very end! 

2. Sleepaway camp

Sleepaway is a 1983 horror movie. A nice slasher film! I can't believe I hadn't heard of this movie until last year. I saw a youtube review about it and that made me curious. Sig gave me Sleepaway Camp 1 -3 for Christmas and we watched them quite soon. I totally love these movies! I was surprised by how much I liked this horror movie because I hadn't heard of it before. But I can tell you: It's totally worth the watch! 

Sleepaway Camp is about a traumatized girl who has been sent to a summer camp with her cousin. Suddenly campers begin to die in a series of terrible accidents. But I promise you: This not just a regular slasher movie.  For the horror fans out there, this movie definitely is a must see. Watch, and let it surprise you! 

3. Now You See Me

Oh, I love this 2013 crime/ mystery movie! It had an amazing cast with names like Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and others! Now You See Me is about a group of illusionists who pull a bank heists during one of their performances. After that, Interpol & the FBI go after them..  I love how this movie is smart and surprising. The illusionist make the impossible happen, yet everything cán be explained. Last year (2016), Now You See Me 2 came out. I didn't like that movie that much. But part 1 definitely is worth your time! 

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    Dawn Flores (Thursday, 28 September 2017 18:23)

    I totally agree. We have like a huge closer or cabinet here full of DVDs and one time, I collected all the romantic films and watched them. Looking for a good movie to watch takes a lot of time, I watch trailers and I end up falling asleep cause I haven't chose the right movie for the mood. I'll definitely check the first two you recommended.

  • #2

    Amila (Friday, 29 September 2017 09:44)

    It is good that you recommended some movies to watch.Nowadays we don't have much DVDs at home.But we love to watch movies from TV.So,these are not planned movie watching times.I like to watch sleepaway camp.It sounds interesting!

  • #3

    Milton Coyne (Friday, 29 September 2017 13:54)

    Oh my gosh.. its been a while since i last watched Sleepaway Camp.. but i still remember that surprising ending.. i hope this film will get a decent remake

  • #4

    Teresa (Saturday, 30 September 2017 00:44)

    I have seen Now You See Me. I agree that this is a good movie. My husband and I usually bond by watching together. This is one movie that I enjoyed because it challenges me to think as well. I will try the first movie too. Thanks for your recommendation.