Movie review: Todeloo

A few weeks before Christmas I was clicking around for some movie inspiration. I checked out the website of Zeno Pictures  to see if there were any movies I liked. (Who am I kidding?? There are always movies I like!). That way, i stumbled upon a movie called Todeloo. Just the title already made make me laugh. That's a good beginning. For the non dutch speakers here: Toedeloe can mean something like goodbye. And of course Todeloo also sounds like 'To the loo'. Which exactly what it's meant to sound like. You'll discover that when I tell you more about the movie. Anyway, I also saw that the movie is directed by Johan Vandewoestijne. He was also involved in Rabid Grannies, which we loved. So, check! The movie went on my Christmas wishlist! As you can see in my Zeno Pictures unboxing, I got this movie for Christmas from Sigmund. 

I knew Todeloo would be a one of kind movie when I read the plot. There are several things happening in the movie, but everything is centered around a toilet lady and the toilets she maintains. In the movie we see: 

  • A tax controller keeping an eye on Germaine, the toilet lady. 
  • A serial killer who flushes his victims trough the toilet. (Yes, I really just typed that). 
  • A drug dealer
  • A drug addict 

All of their stories take place in Germaines toilets. 

Todeloo is a funny and interesting movie, with lots things going on. When I read the plot on the back of the DVD, I knew it was going to be a weird movie. (I mean: flushing victims through the toilet??). And I really like that kind of movies.  It's completely different from Rabid Grannies. Germaine is funny character. She's very assertive and wants be in control of everything that's happening in her toilets.  She mainly keeps an eye on if everyone is paying. But meanwhile, one of her visitors is a tax controller who keeps track of the amount of customers. she receives a huge tax bill because of that. Meanwhile, the tax controller also discovers that people have been dealing drugs in the toilets. He decides to pretend to be a dealer.. 

Not everything is very logical and possible, but the movie has a nice pace and a great sense of humor. Sometimes i had trouble explaining a characters behavior (A drug dealer who seems to be quite aggressive, but suddenly scared when someone else than he expected exits the toilet). But seeing all the story lines cross and come together is great to watch. The movie keeps surprising with new actions and unexpected turns. And I really enjoyed watching it because of that. I wasn't familiar with the actors in the movie. I really liked the dealer and the serial killer. They were great. Martine De Graeve also did a great job as Germaine. A strong and determined character is this movie. All together I enjoyed watching it and I love the humor in the story! 

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