Heroes Dome: Tickets are on sale!

A while ago, we already told you about Heroes Dome! Heroes Dome is a pop culture multi-media convention.  The main focus of this convention is diversity, be your own hero and meet your heroes! Heroes Dome will be held in the Gelredome in the Netherlands on June 2nd and 3rd in 2018! It's the first time this con will be held. 

Heroes Dome Gelredome

Tickets Heroes Dome

When we wrote our first article about Heroes Dome, tickets weren't on sale just yet. But now they are! So we decided it was time for an update article. If you want to attend this con, you can buy your tickets now. At this moment, a normal Saturday ticket is 15,- euros. Sames goes for a normal Sunday ticket. For a weekend ticket you pay 25,-. For more prices (cosplay ticket, family ticket children tickets), check out the Heroes Dome website! 

New updates

Meanwhile, since our last article Heroes Dome has done some new announcements and updates as well. Actor and former show wrestler Tyler Mane, will be attending the convention.  He's known for playing Sabretooth in 'X-Men', Ajax in 'Troy' and Michael Myers in Rob Zombies 'Halloween' and the sequel 'H2'. 


Another announcement that Heroes Dome did, is that the fire department will be attending the con! The fire department will come to show what they are doing, why they are doing this and how they are doing all of this! 

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