What to watch? Movie tips!

Having a lot of DVDs is like having a lot of clothes. You can look at your closet and think: I have nothing to wear. I can look at all my DVDs and think: I've got nothing to watch. Making choices is hard! I get that. I sometimes feel like it's hard to choose. So I'll help you a bit! I'll give you 3 tips of movies to watch next week! I'll do this more often and try to give a mix of genres, pick old & new ones and vary in well know/ well hidden gems. Here's Movie tips part 2! (Also check out part 1!)

1. Omar

Sig an I watched Omar (2013) in Lumiere in Maastricht. I instantly loved the movie. Omar is a young Palestinian freedom fighter. He crosses the separation wall every day to visit his big love, Nadia. He becomes a freedom fighter to prove himself to Nadia's family.   But he'll have to face some difficult decisions. I loved watching this movie. If you're interested to see more about the conflict and the impact on a young man's life, watch this movie. It's very well made, great acting and an intriguing story. 

2. Misery

I wrote a review about Misery (1990) earlier. This really is one of my favorite movies and I can't stop talking about it. Not until all of you have watched this movie. Misery is based on the novel of Stephen King.


Imagine waking up in a room that's not yours. You're a writer and you had an accident. A severe car accident. You instantly feel pain in your legs. You also hear a voice. The voice says "I am your number one fan. There's nothing to worry about. You're going to be just fine. I'll take good care of you." What would you think?  

3. Bad Grandpa

I don't watch comedy very often. It's not really my genre. But I make an exception for Bad Grandpa (2013). This movie was hilarious! 86 year old Irvin (Johnny Knoxville) suddenly has to take care of his 8 year old grandson. He has to bring him to his father. What follows is an hilarious road trip.  It's an American hidden camera comedy film. The jokes are amazing and it's to so much to see all the unsuspecting bystanders be surprised and see the pranks. I thought it was very funny and laughed all the time! 

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