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As you all might know already.. We're going to Dutch Comic Con on Sunday March 26th! In the post you can follow the conversations Liv & I have the day prior to the event! 

We will keep chatting in the post, even though it's live already. up until the event. 


Carola: Only a few days left before Dutch Comic Con! I can't wait! But I can't decide either. Abut the photo op for Sean. What to do? 

Every day I check if it's sold out. When it's not, I start doubting and postponing. Maybe I can get a selfie..


Oh And I bought 'Stroopwafels' today. 3 packages!   


Liv : I am counting the days. Really, I almost feel like a child counting down to a field trip. How many nights of sleep left? Everytime Dutch Comic Con posts somethong on social media my heart skips a beat! Only four more nights of sleep before our 2017 convention season starts! I'm so excited...

Oh and Carola I think you should just buy the photo. If and when it sells out you are gonna regret it. Remember our Hershel moment?

Tomorrow I should go out and buy some "drop" or "knapkook"


Carola: Yeah you are right. I'm niw back fron work. But I'm going out for dinner with a friend now. So hopefully I can buy it when I'm back.. It will be so much fun. 

Oh and I got my new phone already. The s7 edge. Can't wait to make some awesome photos this weekend. To which actors do we want to give something?


Carola: Okay, I failed. I didn't get the ticket for Sean. I was home late. Then you called haha. And then I was distracted my new phone. Then, I had to sleep. Because today I have to work. Ahhhh dilemma's. Still haven't made up my mind. I'm terrible.

Today I'll write about Sean. Maybe that helps. He's also a singer. I watched some of his music video's (Yeah I know, I did make time for that).  

Liv: Ok I've bought some chocowaffles for the actors. And tomorrow I'll get some "drop". I've had quite an adventure today. Lately we like to give some typically Dutch treats to the actors we meet, but with Dirk Benedict that turned out to be a problem. Since Dirk sticks to a macrobiotic diet, there is a lot he can't eat. After a lot of browsing the internet for a solution to this problem....(this is were my battery died)

Carola: And? What was your conclusion? Is he allowed to eat chocowaffles? Ooooh I can't wait to go!! Just published the article about Sean. Tomorrow doing the last things. Print the tickets, refuel the car. And I'm thinking about what to do with my hair. Maybe straighten it. Yeah.. I think I'll straighten it. What will you wear? A movie shirt? I think I'll wear my grey dress. 


Carola: Liv, where are you?? You're too quite. It's ALMOST Sunday!!!! And I just bought the photo op ticket for Sean. Yeah..,I DID IT!!!!

Liv: Yes, here I am! I went to a play tonight, one of my best friends was in it. I tried to tell my story, but then my battery died...what else is new? You did it!!! Yes, I'm very proud of you Carola!

Let me continue with my Dirk Benedict story. So I was browsing the internet and asked some friends (who are vegan) about it, but I could not find a real answer. So before I went over to Tristan's, to cook dinner and go to the play, I stopped at a health food store. I stepped up to the woman in the store and asked her if she ever heard about a macrobiotic diet. She looed stunned. She obviously did not know what I was talking about and I tried to explain it to her. We came to the conclusion that they had no such products. I decided to buy something else. I don't think Dirk Benedict will read this, so I'll tell you what...When I was writing my "In the Spotlight" earlier this week, I read that Dirk converted to Buddhism. I was walking around in the store and saw the cutest little Buddha statue, so I bought it and I hope he likes it. 


Liv: It's 12.58 a.m, so it is officially Saturday! I will go to sleep soon and when I wake up, it's only one more day. I still have a lot to do tomorrow. I have to charge the batteries for my camera, study, go to the store, go to a birthday and I still have to watch some movies before Sunday. So goodnight for now!

Carola: It's now 10:20! Today is preparation day!! Gin to charge my camera in a bit. My sim-card didn't  fit in my new phone. So I had t order a new one. Hopefulyyyyy that one will arrive in time (today). 

I have to clean the house a bit, print the tickets, charge my camera, get my backpack, put the stroopwafels in it, refuel the car, go to the fitness center. Also straighten my hair. Such a busy day!! 

It's quite the story about your present. Luckily you found something else. Great choice. How late is your photo op again?

Mine is at 11:15. I was totally freaking out yesterday evening (check out twitter).

How was the play?  

I think mine is at 12.45. I'm kinda nervous about the early start of Dirk's Q&A, I hope we can make it in time. I just watched Swelter. Lennie James plays the lead role in it. It was not very good. I mean Lennie was ok, but I thought Jean Claude van Damme was reaaaallly bad in that one. I'm gonna go to the store now..I have to get a chipcard for the bus and some other things and then I have to go to the birthday. I'm so excited, I need some convention adrenaline!

Carola: It's now evening already! We're almost going!! I'm watching Snatch tonight. You mentioned Lennie's role in it last week. My camera is charged. The backpack is waiting to be filled in the living room and I already went to the fitness center. Now just straighten my hair and wait... just wait.... Have fun at the birthday tonight! It will be a busy schedule tomorrow. I really want to see Sean and Lennie's Q&A. And have a photo op with Sean and an autograph of Lennie. And also walk by all the merch. And the props. And see the costume groups.. Oh I love that the weather will be great!   

I've just bought the Lennie James photo op. I was watching football, The Netherlands had to play Bulgary and they lost. That was very dissapointing, so I had to do something. 

By the way: no worries Carola, I'll be there for you before the Sean photo op!

Carola: I just straightened my hair! So ready for tomorrow!!! Yeahhhh. Really want to go. And loved to watch Snatch. 

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