Gaiazoo Animal Zombie Nights

Even though Halloween is already over, we just keep on going and are doing another Halloween inspired post! Animal Zombie Night is a Halloween Event held in the Gaiazoo. We are already attending the event since the first time. And like we told you before, this is were our passion for Comic Con started! This year we were happy to able to attend the event again! There were several scare zones. 2 for 16 +, 1 for 14+ and another one for 12+ years. We started well and tried out one of the 16+ areas. I really liked it. I think they really improve the scare zones each year! It was unexpected and scary and we screamed! I loved the scare zone (16+) called 'The woods' the best. At a certain moment you see some headlights. Because it was very dark, you couldn't see anything else. I thought it was a car and wanted to walk around it. But: There was a zombie. Well, that was ok. I kind of expected something like that to happen. But then: Someone with a chainsaw jumped in front of me. Well, I scréamed haha. Very loudly. It'nice that they were able to surprise and scare us. I liked it! 

Check out our vlog/ video to see more! 

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    sabine - so far so Sabine (Tuesday, 01 November 2016 20:07)

    Hi there,

    Halloween is already over, but how was your Halloween? This must be your season since the darkness is here an perfect to watch scary video's and series. As you know I'm not a big horror fan. However I wish I could watch these scary movies and series more often. I think it would help me escape the boring reality of the day haha!

    xo Sabine

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    Aditya (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 04:02)

    Sounds good! But in my country there is no holloween :(

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    Sam (@followyouroad) (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 14:30)

    Awesome way to celebrate Halloween! I think it's one of our outlets for creativity. I love everything about it -- dressing up, looking for scare, and celebrating. For me, I went on a ghost tour in one of the oldest places in Manila. Thankfully, no zombies found!

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    Ree love30 (Thursday, 03 November 2016 11:50)

    This would literally so are the pants off me! Looks intense! The woods sound horrendous but secretly I would love it :) We have zombie runs over here and I'm going to go to one next year, can't wait! Ree love30

  • #5 (Monday, 07 November 2016 16:13)

    OMG! Quite scary :)
    Great idea and the kids should enjoy this.