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Do you know who he is? Does it ring a bell? Well, let me take you years and years back... Do you remember the article Liv wrote about Charmed? Bingo! Charmed was my very first series addiction. I love this series s much! It literally kept e up at night. After episode I thought.. Just one more! At the time I was still living with my parents and I was watching it on my room all the time. When everyone was asleep already, I was still quietly watching Charmed.  And that's where I discovered Julian McMahon!! So today I'll introduce you the actor who played my first favorite character.. 


“Charmed” revolves around the Halliwell sisters, the most powerful good witches of all time. Initially the show focuses on Piper, Prue and Phoebe, also known as "the Charmed Ones". Later on it is revealed the girls have a half-sister named Paige. Julian played the role of Cole Turner. Cole was one of my favorite characters from the moment I saw (season 3) him on the series. Cole was half human, half demon. His demon side was called Belthazor. He had the ability to power to teleport and the power to throw projective energy balls which could stun or kill. Cole is always struggling between being good and evil. He and Phoebe  are in love but of course that gives trouble.. He is recruited by the Source of all Evil to kill the charmed ones, but falls in love with Phoebe. Cole is constantly torn between his human side and his evil demonic side. Julian McMahon does a “hell” of a job in his portrayal of the most loveable bad guy ever.

I have no idea if Julian McMahon does conventions, but I'd love to meet him one day! It's just tat Charmed was my first series addiction and Cole was absolutely my favorite character!! He was so awesome. So it would be great to be able to ask him some questions about it and have a photo op & autograph :). Dream on... Hahaha. Well, I should have some hopes right? Maybe one day he will appear on a convention.. He's not only known for Charmed.. So let's keep on talking! Julian is an Australian actor. He's a son of former Prime Minister of Australia, William McMahon. He is best known for his roles in Home and Away (As Ben Lucini), Charmed (Cole Turner) and Nip/Tuck (Christian Troy). As for movies, you might have seen him in the Fantastic Four movies, Red and Bait (Ans way more of course) 

I have also watched Nip/ Tuck. Even though I will always know Julian McMahon mostly for his role as Cole, I loved watching Nip/ Tuck as well! I admit, me watching Nip/ Tuck had a bit to do with the fact that Julian has a main role.. And in Nip/ Tuck he proves again to be a great actor! I can summarize the plot of Nip/ Tuck quite easily: It's about the life of 2 plastic surgeons. And I can assure you: This ain't a dull life! Julian plays one of the two surgeons. The other ones is played by Dylan Walsh. And I also especially like the role of Robert Lasardo in this series! I mainly watched these two series. When I look at imdb, there's still enough I can watch. Like the movies I already mentioned. And there's way more to watch. 

Let me know: Who was the first actor you really thought was great? What was your first series addiction? Do you know Julian McMahon? 

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    Pia Villamor (Wednesday, 31 August 2016)

    OMG! I love him too!! He's such a hottie. (TRIVIA: I vaguely remember reading that he's also the son of the former Australian Prime Minister. ) Anyway, what else has been up to? I kinda lost track of him after Nip/Tuck.

    P.S. My all-time crush is Johnny Depp. I've followed his career since 21 Jumpstreet. :P

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    Teresa (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 10:05)

    I'm not a fan of Charmed. But I had friends before who liked this show. They didn't only like it. They were hooked. I think some of them can relate much to the characters in it. ;)

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    Anna Nuttall (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 12:24)

    Oooh I love charmed, I use to watch this when I was young - but now I can re-watch it on Netflix. I use to love their fashion!

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    Borka (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 13:55)

    Charmed is my ultimate favorite TV show! I watched like thousand times! Julian McMahon is bae! I always wished he and Alyssa Milano end up together...

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    Nilyn (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 23:48)

    I know I've already heard (or seen) Charmed somewhere. But I haven't really watched the series. Actually, I only watched very few series! lol. If I'm not mistaken, I've watched a few Charmed video clips before.

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    Marge (Thursday, 01 September 2016 00:48)

    Yes I know Julian McMahon, he was my favorite kind of a bad boy. I loved him and Alyssa Milano, they have great chemistry together. And yeah, I'm a fan of Charmed. Whatever happened to him?

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    Stella the Travelerette (Thursday, 01 September 2016 02:36)

    I've heard of Julian McMahon, but I never watched Charmed or Nip/Tuck. He is very good looking! Probably the first actor I remember thinking was really great was Kate Winslet. But in terms of a crush, my first actor crush was on Matt Damon. I've seen all his movies!

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    Berlin (Thursday, 01 September 2016 12:42)

    Hahaha. Charmed. One of the few series I religiously watch before. I wonder how the actors are now after Charmed. Good to hear about one of its characters. It is nice to look back at those memories.

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    ROBERT LEE (Thursday, 01 September 2016 14:16)

    I have no idea who he is, Julian, so you know I don't watch Charmed. Actually, even my favorite shows, I do not even know the names of the actors and actresses until I came across your blog. So that is a good thing that I did, right? Anyway, I hope you do get to meet him one day. You have been attending conventions so it is bound to happen.

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    Travel Eat Pinas (Thursday, 01 September 2016 14:56)

    When I was a kid my aunt used to watch charmed. If I can remember it right, they are 3 siblings who are witch, modern ones. Then one got married and have kids and don't know what happen next :(

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    Jen bave (Friday, 02 September 2016 02:37)

    Charmed! I remember waiting for this series to air before. I watched I guess 1 season, I don't know what happened, why I stopped, but as far as I can recall, I liked it. I was addicted to many series before. Maxwell, Kyle XY, Smallville, Ally Mcbeal, Buffy, Beverly Hills 90210, The 70s show, One tree hill, Dawsons Creek, 7th heaven, Mentalist, and etc.

    As for the first great actor? I was taken away by Tom Hanks when I first watch Forest Gump. It was such an inspiring movie and he was so good there and to all of his characters in all the movies he cast.

    Oh my, this post makes me reminisce. Hehe.

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    Ginoel Orejo (Sunday, 04 September 2016 04:03)

    Charmed was my childhood. I don't really watch much television these days. I get most of my entertainment from YouTube. It's amazing to see how much the world of entertainment has changed over the years. It makes you wonder how it's gonna be 10 years from now.

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    Karen (Friday, 19 March 2021 04:37)

    I have been a McManaholic since Charmed! And now I am in love with Jess LaCroix from FBI Most Wanted. Julian McMahon is still gorgeous����