In the Spotlight: Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten at Arccon

While writing this article I'm also rewatching "The Final Destination" (The 4th movie of the "Final Destination" franchise). I've seen the movie before (In the cinema, in 3D!). Yeah, I just have a weakness for the "Final Destination" movies. But the reason I'm watching it right now is Shantel VanSanten! Shantel VanSanten is an American model and actress. Warning: This article might contain spoilers about "The Flash"! 


The reason why we are writing about Shantel in "In the Spotlight" today is that we'll meet her at Arccon in 2 weeks!! Arccon is a fan convention  with guests from the series "The Flash" and "Arrow". I watch both series and really love it. We're definitely very excited to go to Arccon. The following guests will be present at Arccon: Rick Cosnett (The Flash),  Manu Bennett (Arrow), Shantel VanSanten (The Flash)  and Katie Cassidy (Arrow). Edit: Manu and Katie cancelled.

The Flash

When Arccon announced that Shantel VanSanten would be a guest I had no clue who she was in The Flash. I had only seen season 1, so I hadn't seen her yet. Now I have watched it ofcourse. I absolutely love her as Patty Spivot in "The Flash". Patty was a police detective at the Central City Police Department. She was Joe's partner. She and Barry get along very well and their relationship develops. They really like each other and get involved. 


Where I thought it was kind of hard to see Eddie tear Iris and Barry apart I didn't have any trouble with Patty. I would have loved to see Patty and Barry spend more time together. I thought they would be a great couple and I would love to have seen her on the show for a much longer period! It was a real pitty to see her leave the show. I thought Shantel did an awsome job in "The Flash". Patty was a great character. 

Shantel VanSanten at Arccon

Other projects

Luckily we can see Shantel in other projects than "The Flash". For example: "One Tree Hill", "The Final Desitination", "The Messengers" and "Beauty and the Beast". I have never seen an episode of "One Tree Hill" so unfortunately I can't tell you anything about that series. 

But I have seen/ am watching "The Final Destination". I think you either love or hate the "Final Destination" movies. (Though some might have liked the first one but not the others). But I enjoy watching the movies. Yes you know what to expect and it's the same formula. But it's still quite creative and a bit funny ;).Haven't heard about "Final Destination" before? The formula of "Final Destination" is: Someone forsees a distaster. They act on what they saw and save their friend. But that's not what is meant to happen: They should have died. Because of that Death is after them.. 


Shantel plays a big role in this "Final Destination" movie. And I like rewatching it. If you just want to see the movie to see Shantel, no worries: You can see this movie without having seen the others! I will absolutely watch more of Shantel's work! I am looking forward to meeting Shantel at Arccon. I will definitely have a photo op with Shantel. So I'll keep you posted on my experience at Arccon! 

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