Tip of the week: the Tribe

This week I'll introduce you to a series that's a bit older: The Tribe! I used to watch it when I was way younger. But I don't think everyone knows this series.. So today I'll share it with you :). What's the Tribe about? There has been a mysterious virus and all adults have died. So there's a world left, with only kids and teenagers. The story evolves from there. They try to survive and form tribes. 

How about the actors?

This is actually a nice part to write about now! It's been ages since I watched the Tribe on television! I'm very curious to find out what the actors have been up to after the series. I have no clue, so maybe I'll find some surprises! Let me check on imdb. Beth Allen played the role of Amber, a teenager who is part of the tribe called Mallrats. After "The Tribe" Beth also starred in "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive"  and" Shortland Street".  Dwayne Cameron portrayed Bray in "The Tribe". Bray was the guy that every girl was after. After "The Tribe", Dwayne played Rory O'Conner in "Agent Anna" and played in some movies like "Curry Munchers" and "Desired". I've fount the surprise! I was looking up some more actors and I found Michelle Ang. She played Tai-San in the series a mysterious girl with a great influence. On imdb I can see now that she stars in "Fear the Walking Dead". I had no clue. Apparently she plays Alex in the second season. I haven't seen the second season yet. But now I'm curious! I see she also played Lori Lee in "Neighbours". This is fun! Another surprise: Ari Boyland. I wouldn't recognise him at all! He changed a lot! If you haven't watched "The Tribe" you might know him for "Power Rangers R.P.M." (Flynn McAllistair) or "Shortland Street" (Brodie Kemp). 

Who will like this?

That's a though question! The series is a bit older and I watched it as a teenager. So I'm not sure to whom I should recommend it. 

I really love it. It's an interesting subject (Makes me think a bit of "The 100", though the storyline is really different). It's a combination of drama/ sci-fi. Although I think it's very little sci-fi. Yeah, all adults died and the kids are living in tribes. But besides that, it's pretty down to earth. Just try it out if you can appreaciate a series that's a bit older and doesn't have all the marvellous special effects yet. I just love to see series/ movies about this subject. It's so interesting how series/ movie makers order the world in a totally different way! 

How many seasons?

There are 5 seasons! The series started in 1999. 

My opinion

As a teenager I loved it. And I have to admit.. I still appreciate it. It's a bit like when I rewatched "Xena", you have to get used to the style and story again. But once you've started, it's fine! As mentioned before, I like to see how people reinvent the world, make up a whole new order. To see how people behave. "The Tribe" has a great way of showing that. It focusses on the order in the world and the tribes but you can also see the character development: The children really change and grow up. A lot happens: Relationships change, betrayal, the struggle for power. If they'd make it again now, I think it could be a huge succes! 


Imdb: 7,7

Me: 7,5


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