Ladiesnight: Mother's Day

It's the time of the month again.. Ladiesnight! Usually once a month, there's ladiesnight at Euroscoop Maastricht. Last month, the movie was Rokjesdag. This time, we went to see Mother's Day! 


It was, as usual, pretty crowded! We arrived, got some popcorn and ice tea green and waited to get in. There are always some stalls where you can buy jewelry, bags or other stuff. It's mostly the same every month. Before the movie starts, they raffle some prices from these stalls. We didn't hand in a form. I didn't feel like joining the tombola this time. 

They told us which movies will be next up for ladiesnight: In June it will be Me Before You (With Emilia Clarke!). Then there's a summer break and they return in september with the new Bridget Jones movie! Oh, what I alsmost forget to say: we all got startled by this immense loud sound in the cinema, which came out of nowhere. Twice! (Before and after te tombola). 

And then, it was time to do what we came for: Watch Mother's Day. I liked this movie better than the last ladiensight's movie (Rokjesdag). Mother's Day is about, like the name already gives away, moms. You're following a few persons in the days leading up to Mother's Day. The movie combines different storylines like a lot of movies do since Love Actually. There's a great cast, including Jennifer Anniston, Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars!), Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis and many others! 


I'm not a big fan of these different storyline movies. It's done too often and too much the same in my opinion. It's not renewing or surprising anymore. It's just a fixed recipe for the modern romantic comedy. But: I also have to say, this movie wasn't bad. I liked most of the storylines and there were certainly some funny elements. Mother's Day also touches some big topics, it's not only a light movie. It tries to deliver a message as well. It shows parents who are not happy with their children being gay or being together with someone of a different race. It also shows the struggles with a new (very young) stephmother, a mother who passed away and more.


Ofcourse some things that happen are obvious and predictable. But I really like that they don't always go for the obvious path. Some things are left to your own interpretation and that's a good thing. They didn't rush towards the ending of most stories. The only storyline I liked less (Spoiler alert!!), was the one of the woman who was alone and just focussed on her career (Julia Roberts). But she was found to have had a child. Her daughter was now all grown up and a mother herself. I thought the story was too short and superficial. Some things seemed too rushed. Like the fact that her daughter wouldn't marry her boyfriend because she 'didn't know who she was'. But right after she found her mom, she wanted to marry! Yeah, that really fixes it all. Just seeing her one time and then you're fine! That just wasn't believeable for me. 


I liked Jason Sudeikis' story. He plays a man who lost his wife. He's now taking care of his two daughters by himself. You see him and his daughters struggle, but you can also see the connection they have. And how he tries to be there for them. The other storylines were funny and entertaining as well. All in all I had fun watching it and would certainly recommend it if you like romantic comedies! 


After the movie, we received a goodiebag. What's in it, you an see on the photo underneath this article. There's an almond drink from Alpro, two lollies, a Robijn sachet, Blistex lipbalm and foot cream of l'Occitane. 

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  • #1

    Jane Rosewood (Monday, 25 July 2016 17:05)

    I really wanted to see this movie..Hopefully I'll find some time soon enough.
    It's a good thing I read your review, I had no idea what's it about.
    Now I'll have something to look forward to.

  • #2

    Sauumye (Monday, 19 December 2016 07:30)

    I really want to see this movie. Haven't had the time to do that for a while. But I hope that it would be worth it.