Ladiesnight: Rokjesdag

Wednesday I was at Euroscoop with a friend, ready for ladiesnight! This months movie was Rokjesdag! It was, as usual, very busy at the cinema. Crowded with women. There were some stalls with make-up, clothes or jewelry. You could also find some drinks and prizes to win. Before the film starts, there is a tombola. You can mostly win prices from the companies that have a stall in te cinema at ladiesnight. Prices were for example a bodywrap, tupperware, a gift from Ici Paris. 

After all that, the film 'Rokjesdag' started. A Dutch movie, directed by Johan Nijenhuis. Movies you might know he has directed: Costa, Volle maan, Verliefd op Ibiza.   The movie started nice. It's all about the beginning of the 'flirting season' and finding love. You follow a few people, who all end up at a singles tapas workshop. The character are really diverse and the were some good timed funny jokes. Around the time everyone was at the tapas workshop, there was a break. I actually liked the film till so far. Good tempo, nice jokes, different characters. It didn't seem all to standard. 


I had the feeling that the movie was heading to it's end. Everyone was at the tapas workshop and you could see some connections between people appear. But then the break was done, and the movie turned around. I really didn't like the second half. It felt like they needed everything to turn out fine in this movie. So from that moment, I saw forced attemps to make each storyline complete. The attempts to make it exciting or make you have doubts about the ending, were too transparent. It was obvious how each story would end. They tried to lighten it up with some jokes, but due to the predictable and bad timing, they didn't make me laugh. 


The ladesnight was very nice, we had a great time. I liked the beginning of the movie. Though the second half was too long and predictable for me. Every cliche came by. But I didn't feel like it showed 'true love' on the screen. But maybe that's just me.. At the end of the ladiesnight we received a goodiebag, on the picture you can see what was in there. Eat natural is always great! I also already tried the conditioner, which I really liked. 

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