Wootbox October 2018: Fear

We have a new unboxing for you! We received the Wootbox again and October's theme was Fear.  I was very curious about this box, I love horror movies! So this really should be my box :). But it was very late! That's why my unboxing is so late on the website a well. There was a problem with the women's t-shirts, so I got the Wootbox a few weeks later. Want to know what was in there? Check out the video or read our update below! 


I was so thrilled to finally open the box. I love horror and I hoped for many items that I would like. When I opened the box, the Chucky art print couldn't be missed, so that was our first item to look at. I love anything related to Child's Play, s I'm definitely happy with this one! I already have a Chucky doll and an autograph from Alex Vincent (+ picture) and more. Something nice to add to my collection. 


On to the next one! The Pin. As usual, I was confused. I love the movie Milo and somehow I hoped this was a Milo pin. I knew the chance would be small (Milo is not that well known), but it really looked like it. After a second inspection, my conclusion is that it's a pin from It! (Love that as well). And how could I have missed that haha. 


The itm after the pin, was a Pennywise Funko Pop! Luckily I recognized this one immediately ;). Even though I'm not a Funko Pop! collector, I really like this Pennywise. 


The Wootbox always also contains a t-shirt. I really like that, though it's not always a t-shirt from something I know.This time, I think the t-shirt is awesome!  It's a t-shirt of Saw. I am so happy! And it's even better that it says 'I want to play a game'. 


It's already time for the last item: A Venom scarf! Also a nice item in this box. I haven't seen the movie yet. Have you? If so, let me know your thoughts. 


This is definitely my favorite Wootbox! So many items that I loved. I will definitely wear the t-shirt a lot. 



What do you think of this box? I'm already soooo curious for November's box. Luckily, that one will follow soon! 

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