Tyler Posey

Name: Tyler Garcia Posey

Date of Birth: October 18, 1991

Place of Birth: Santa Monica, California, US


Mostly known for:

  • Collateral Damage (2002) as Mauro
  • Maid in Manhattan (2002) as Ty Ventura
  • Doc (2001-2004) as Raul Garcia
  • Teen Wolf (2011-2017) as Scott McCall
  • Scary Movie V (2013) as David
  • Elena of Avalor (2016-2020) as Prince Alonso (voice)
  • Jane the Virgin (2017) as Adam
  • Truth or Dare (2018) as Lucas Moreno
  • Marvel Rising: Initiation (2018-2019) as Inferno/Dante Pertuz (voice)
  • Sherwood (2019) as Iniko (voice)
  • Now Apocalypse (2019) as Gabriel
  • The Last Summer (2019) as Ricky
  • Scream (2019) as Shane
  • Undone (2019) as Father Miguel 
  • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (2019-2021) as Tony Toretto (voice)
  • Alone (2020) as Aidan
  • Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) as Scott McCall


Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Comic Con Manchester 2022, Manchester, England, United Kingdom



We planned on just watching the panel, but Liv wouldn't be Liv if she did not have a last minute impulsive buy, so Liv also did a photo op.

At Comic Con Manchester we attended the Teen Wolf panel.


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Panel - Dutch Comic Con 2019

Meeting - Dutch Comic Con 2019

Signing Table - Comic Con Manchester 2022

Panel - Comic Con Manchester 2022


Panel - Dutch Comic Con 2019

Panel Teen Wolf - Manchester Comic Con 2022