Richard Rankin

Name: Richard Harris

Date of Birth: January 4, 1983

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


Mostly known for:

  • Burnistoun (2009-2019) various roles
  • The House of Him (2014) as Him
  • The Crimson Field (2014) as Captain Thomas Gillan
  • Silent Witness (2015) as D.I. Luke Nelson
  • The Syndicate (2015) Sean McGary
  • From Darkness (2015) Norrie Duncan
  • Thirteen (2016) as D.I. Elliott Carne
  • Outlander (2016-2022) as Roger Wakefield/Roger MacKenzie
  • Trust Me (2019) as Dr. Alex Kiernan


FACTS Spring Edition 2022, Ghent, Belgium



The news that Richard Rankin was announced for FACTS, was for Carola and Liv the final nudge to start watching "Outlander" and they love it! At FACTS they attended Richard's panel. They also went for a selfie and gave him stroopwafels.


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