Cinzia Monreale

Name: Cinzia Moscone

Date of Birth: June 22, 1957

Place of Birth: Genoa, Italy


Mostly known for:

  • Son Tornate a fiorire le rose (1975) as Gioia
  • Perdutamente Tuo...mi firmo Macaluso Carmelo fu Giuseppe (1976) as Jessica
  • Quel movimento che mi piace tanto (1976) as Anna Gilioli
  • Silver Saddle (original title: Sella d'argento) (1978) as Margaret Barrett
  • Beyond the Darkness (original title: Buio Omega) as Anna Völkl/Elena Völkl
  • Flatfoot on the Nile (original title: Piedone d'Egitto) (1980) as Connie
  • The Beyond (original title: ...E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldilà) (1981) as Emily
  • Under the Chinese Restaurant (original title: Sotto il Ristorante Cinese) (1987) as La Rapinatrice
  • Nel Continente Nero (1991) as Francesca
  • Festival (1996) as Gea Caló
  • Turbo (1999-2001) as Commissioner Boldrini


Weekend of Hell Düsseldorf Fall 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany 



Unfortunately we only saw Cinzia Monreale sitting at her signing table.


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