Christine Elise

Name: Christine Elise McCarthy

Date of Birth: February 12, 1965

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Mostly known for:

  • Child's Play (1990) as Kyle
  • Beverly Hills 90210 (1991) as Emily Valentine
  • A League of Their Own (1993) as Kit Keller 
  • E.R. (1995-1996) as Harper Tracy
  • L.A. Firefighters (1996-1997) as Erin Coffey
  • The Last Big Attraction (1999) as Chrissy Trutt
  • Cult of Chucky (2017) as Kyle
  • BH 90210 (2019) as Christine Elise


For the Love of Horror Manchester 2018, Manchester, England, United Kingdom



Liv always used to watch Beverly Hills 90210 and also loves the Child's Play movies, so she decided to attend the Child's Play panel and buy an autograph.


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