Unboxing the Loot Crate - December: "Explore"

It is time for another Loot Crate and yes it was very late this month. I only just received it yesterday, so sorry for the late post. It is the December Crate and the theme is: "Explore". What I love most about unboxing these geek boxes is the excitement when you get the box and you don't know what is in it. That is the point where the need to "explore" arises in me and it makes me feel like a child again. Well are you curious yet? Just scroll on. First you can check out the video, but below the video I will do a picture overview. Also check out our other Unboxings.

The Video

Picture overview

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" mini calender

"Star Wars Adventures" Comic - Destroyer Down

"World of Warcraft" beanie

"Destiny 2" - Shirt

LootPin - Rocket

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