Movie review: The Meg

I'm huge Jason Statham fan, which means I own almost every movie on DVD that he plays in (still got a few to go to buy). And I watch all the new movies in the cinema. And so, it was decided that I would watch "The Meg" in the cinema. I didn't know a lot about the movie except that it's a shark movie. I didn't really have high expectations. I was expecting just another shark movie. 

The Meg

"The Meg" is a science fiction thriller directed by Jon Turtletaub. The movie starts with a group of scientists. They believe that the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is actually just a layer and not an actual bottom. They start a mission to go through and check out if they're right. They're excited to find out it is indeed true. When they go through the layer, they see so many beautiful creatures in the Pacific Ocean. Species never seen by human kind. They are all thrilled until their submarine gets attacked...several times. It seems like a huge animal is attacking them. It's a Megalodon. A 75 foot long shark. The scientists get stuck, unable to return. 


That's where Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) comes in. A few years ago, he had already told people he had seen a huge shark attacking, but no one believed him. Now they know he's right and they need Jonas to help them rescue the scientists that are stuck.  

My thoughts

The beginning of the movie was quite promising for me. I just expected a 'shark movie' and thought it would start with lots of parties and the beach. Seeing it start with a couple of scientists trying how they could discover an unknown part of the Pacific Ocean was actually nice. I liked that angle to start with. The way Jonas came in, was a little strange, but okay. Quite standard for action movies. (Problem -> find the guy who's retired or doesn't want to do this anymore -> Persuade him -> Action). 


I was pleased to see Rainn Wilson as Morris. I always think of Dwight ("The Office") when I see him, but I do like to see him in other roles. He plays the guy who finances all the research. His character goes up and down. At some point I really liked his role, at other moments it was way to standard (the rich guy who doesn't understand a thing and just wants them to 'catch the big fish'). 


And that's what characterizes the Meg for me. It has some nice parts and angles. But it also uses all the old tricks in the book. It's way to predictable to be actually surprising. From Jonas & Suyin's bound to the 'cuteness' of the child and chasing the shark. The movie has some aspects I really liked. Especially the start and angle of the movie. And some of the jokes and action in between. But overall it was a pity to see them do every standard move and not be really original. 


The DVD will end up in my collection anyway. It is a Jason Statham movie after all.. 

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