Series talk: The Innocents

"The Innocents" is a new British supernatural series, which premiered on Netflix on 24 August 2018. I decided to watch it immediately since I've just finished watching "Reign". "The Innocents" has been created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric. 

The story starts with June (Sorcha Groundsell) & Harry (Percelle Ascott), two teenagers who are in love and decide to run away together. June is tired of her controlling father and Harry always needs to help take care of his ill father, while his mom is busy with police work. They decide to go away together. As soon as they do that, they start facing challenges. They get drawn into a whole new world of supernatural powers. 

My opinion

When I started to watch this series, I had no clue what I was watching. I had read some synopsis, but still I wasn't sure what I was watching. That June & Harry were escaping was clear. But the series also follows another story line. One which, in the beginning, feels like you're watching some kind of sect. But it wasn't clear to me what was happening. 


And that's quite characteristic for this series. The pace is quite slow. It took me a while to unravel what I was watching and still, every episode I learned a bit more about it.  

Because of this, I wasn't hooked from the very first second or even episode. I just knew too little about the story to actually feel involved. Because I wanted to get a clear view on the series, I kept watching. But usually I really need to get hooked to a series instantly to keep watching. 

Towards episode 2 and 3 it got better, more interesting for me. There's something that keeps me coming back for another episode. I do feel curious and I want to know what's happening. But I haven't got the feeling that I did with "Reign", I just couldn't stop watching the series and I instantly loved the characters. 


I do feel some distance towards the characters in this series. I still don't know them well enough (I have to say that I haven't finished the first season yet) to really care a lot. I'm just somehow hoping that the secrets and new things that are being discovered and unraveled will amaze me.  

The actors

The most well known name amongst the actors is Guy Pearce. He plays the role of Halvordson, one of the people from the 'sect' we get to see from the beginning of the series. He plays quite an important role in "The Innocents". 


I wasn't familiar with Sorcha Groundsell & Percelle Ascott who play main protagonists June & Harry. I think both are great actors and do very well in this series. But I have to say that, especially in the beginning, I found the character of June a bit grey and boring. I liked the role of Harry better. I think we'll see a lot more Percelle in the future (maybe you already know him as Benny Sherwood from "Wizards vs. Aliens"). 


Other actors you'll see in "The Innocents" are Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Laura Birn, Sam Hazeldine & Arthur Hughes. 

How many seasons?

Up until now, 1. 


Imdb: 6

Me: 6,5

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