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The Good Place is all about the afterlife. When you die, there's a Good Place and Bad Place. Eleanor (Kirsten Bell) arrives at the Good Place. Michael, a man who designed the Good Place, show and other new people around. He introduces the Good Place by explaining to people how they decided they deserve to end up in the Good Place: "During your time on Earth, every one of your actions had a positive or a negative value depending on how much good or bad that action put into the universe. Every sandwich you ate, every time you bought a magazine, every single thing you did had an effect that rippled  out over time. And ultimately created some amount of good or bad."

Everything people do has been watched and evaluated. When you die, they calculate the total value of your life. And based on that, only a few people end up in the Good Place. And.. They're soulmate will be in the Good Place too! When Michael shows Eleanor around and shows all the things that have been made specifically for her, she realizes that there has been a mix up. She's not who they think she is. She doesn't belong in the Good Place. 

My opinion

Every now and then, I find a series and I'm thinking: How could I have missed this one? This was the case for the Good Place. Somehow I stumbled upon it on Netflix (It's a Netflix Originals series). And now I wonder, why didn't I hear anything about this series before? Well, to prevent that the same thing will happen to you I decided to write a series talk about the Good Place.  


I absolutely love the concept of the Good Place. A woman who dies and goes to the Good Place, soon realizing that she doesn't belong there. In a world full of 'perfect' people, there's Eleanor. Someone who we probably all can relate to, at least a little bit. 


Even though usually I'm not that much into comedy series, I loved watching the first season of the Good Place. I've watched 1 season so far and it's so funny. And also very easy to relate too. I love the way Eleanor struggles being in the Good Place. Should she tell? Or should she try to fit in? But how will that work in a world full of perfect people? The series definitely challenges your thoughts about good behavior, a 'good' and 'bad' place and makes you laugh at the same time! I'm curious to see what season 2 has to offer.  


The actors

I saw quite some familiar faces in this series. Let's start with Eleanor, played by Kirsten Bell. She's known for many movies and series. I have seen Kirsten recently in the movie 'Like Father'. And of course I know her for being the voice of Gossip Girl. I love Kirsten in the Good Place, she's so funny! 


Other main roles are for: 


  • William Jackson (as Chidi Anagonye), known for Paterson & Lost Holiday
  • Jameela Jamil (as Tahani Al-Jamil)
  • Ted Danson (as Michael), known for Cheers & Becker
  • Manny Jacinto (as Jason Mendoza), known for Bad Times at the El Royale & Peelers 
  • D'Arcy Carden (as Janet), known for Jessica & Papi Chulo

Later on in the series, I also saw a familiar face from Atypical: Amy Okuda. 

How many seasons?

3 Seasons so far. 


Imdb: 8,1 

Me: 8

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