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As you all know, I enjoy sharing my experiences in meeting actors and actresses via Conmose. But I also like reading about the experiences of other people and seeing their photos! Therefore, I like to join fan groups and Facebook groups, to get to know other people who enjoy going to comic cons and meet their favorite actors and actresses. Today, I'm sharing a Facebook group with you: Stars and me: Your in person photos

The group

I really like the group because everyone shares their photos with celebrities. It's a great way to share experiences, task about meeting the celebrities and to be inspired for poses! Maybe you'll even discover some new comic cons to attend. I talked about the group with Martin, one of the admins. I asked him about the group, why it started and why it's such a nice group. He answered: 


"Since I was a little boy i like movies and actors. A big hobby of mine is collecting in person photos with famous personalities. I like to look at profiles and pictures of other collectors. This search for photos wasn't easy sometimes. In April 2018 I created the Facebook group 'stars and me - your in person photos'. the group is very well visited, we are already a community of over 600 collectors. People from around the world share their personal star images and stories behind the photos. The group is welcome to grow a bit, and we value it a lot that we treat each other very well. There are also raffle actions with little things to different films. Photos, old or new, random meetings on the street or comic con visits, we show celebrities you do not see every day."

Sounds good doesn't it? My experience is that it's a very friendly group and I really like seeing everyone pictures! 


Martin shared 2 photos of himself for this article. Want to see more photos of celebrities? Join the Facebook group Stars and me: Your in person photos and share your experiences as well! 

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    Martin Kal (Friday, 10 August 2018 19:14)

    I would like to thank you for writing this nice article about my group