Short film review: Hard Truths

Whoop whoop! During our our Christmas holiday, a few short films were sent to us, to review. We always love to watch. So we also watched the short film Hard Truths. Hard Truths was written by Thomas Angeletti, Paige Hoover and Timothy J. Cox and directed by Maya Ahmed. 

In Hard Truths, Peter Gibney is a long time agent who is known in the modeling industry for being kind, generous and supportive of the people he represents. Hope Harmon has been with Peter the longest of all his clients, close to 15 years. They have a very close, familial relationship and as a result, both are very successful.


Braden Willoughby is a major clothing client that Peter has been trying to book Hope with. But Braden tells Peter that they are not remotely interested in Hope, unless she woul be willing to undergo, in their words "dramatic changes". While visiting Hope on the set of her latest photo shoot, Peter tries to carefully discuss some hard truths about her future as a model.

I am very happy we were asked to watch this short film. I read the synopsis before watching it, and from the moment I saw Hope, I already felt for both Hope and Peter. You can see how he is struggling to talk to her. And how Hope, not knowing anything yet, is just enjoying her work. It seems like the whole team is enthousiastic about working together and things are going great. It's hard to know there's a message that might change it all.  

Hard Truths is a great short film about ambitions, hope, trust and communication. About being yourself, staying true to yourself and about expectations from others and how they percieve you. How will you deal with boundaries set by others, her ambitions and keep being you? Hard Truths is an inspiring story with a great cast. They show very well the complexity of relationships, ambitions and finding your place. You can feel their pain and struggle. Hard Truths leaves you wondering about who you are and who you want to be in this world. 

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