Short film review: After

As you all know, we have been reviewing and watchign some short films again lately. We really love that. So today I decided it was time to watch another one. This time I watched the short film AFTER. AFTER is a drama, directed by Thomas Angletti and written by Timothy J. Cox. The short film is starring Timothy J. Cox and Beth Metcalf. 


In AFTER, we see a father and his (adult) daughter. They lost their son/ brother. It happened recently and we can see, both are in pain. The father is struggling with the loss of his son. Not sure how to cope yet. The daughter is also struggling, but mainly focussing on her father. Worrying about what he will do. How he will cope. 


We learn that the father is a (veteran) cop. He must choose between following the law and seeking vengeance. The movie hoever is mainly focussing on grief. And how to cope diffrently with grief. Both Beth Metcalf and Tomothy J. Cox do a great job in portaying the father and daughter. The short film zooms in on how they are coping, grieving and communicating about it. Next to the storyline, it's very interesting to watch them discuss and communicate. And see how they both handle the situation differently. 

The short film takes about 17 minutes and is a roller coaster between emotions. Grief, worrying, anger, despair, comforting, sadness. The movie is really about their relationship and how they communicate together. Combined with the implications of the death of their son/ brother. A short film that definitely impresses and let you feel all the emotions. Will they get through to each other? How will the father cope with the death of his son? Find out and make sure to watch AFTER. 

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    Eileen (Sunday, 18 February 2024 17:46)

    Great short film, actors were very
    Good �