Movie Review: Close

Over the last month or so, we have had some very busy weekends. Though I love going out and doing things, I also love watching movies and since a day consists of only 24 hours (and I do need my sleep), that can be difficult sometimes. But luckily this weekend I had some spare time and I decided to watch one of the new Netflix movies. After some browsing I stumbled upon "Close", starring Noomi Rapace. This 2019 Netflix movie is written and directed by Vicky Jewson. The story seemed to be a bit standard, but hey sometimes standard is nice too. I really like Rapace as an actress, so I decided to give it a go...

The story

The story of "Close" is fictional but the main character Sam (Noomi Rapace) is based on a real-life bodyguard: the British Jacquie Davis (who also acted as assistant producer on the movie). Sam is a professional bodyguard and counter terrorism expert and she is as though as nails, as is being established in the movie's prologue. We see her accompany some press people in a war zone and as soon as things go South, we see Sam show her remarkable skills to keep her "clients" safe. Back at home, we see Sam in her daily life and she seems to be as cold and reserved as she is on the job. She is cleaning her gun and working out and doesn't seem to have a social life at all. Then she gets a new  assignment.

Sam gets offered a one week gig as a bodyguard for Zoe (Sophie Nélisse). She just lost her father and is the heiress to a multi million mining company. This "babysitting job" (as Sam states it) is commissioned by Zoe's stepmom Rima (Indira Varma). The relationship between Rima and Zoe is far from perfect and becomes even worse, when it becomes clear that Zoe inherits the majority of shares for the company. Rima absolutely wants a female for the job, because Zoe has a tendency to sleep with her male bodyguards. Both Sam and Zoe are far from happy with the arrangement, but Sam gets paid a lot and Zoe doesn't have a choice. When they arrive in Morocco, Zoe insists on Sam staying the night, because she got paid for a full week (and the week ends the day after). In the middle of the night the house gets invaded by heavily armed team, that is sent to kidnap Zoe. Through Sam's quick thinking they get away, but when they get entangled in a web of corrupt policemen and other bad guys that are chasing them. And whether they want it or not, they only have each other to make it out alive.

My opinion

First of all let me state: Noomi Rapace carries the entire movies. She is solid in her role as the stoic Sam. Of course she is familiar with playing a though character. She is mostly known for playing the role of Lisbeth Salander, in the "Millenium" franchise. Furthermore, I thought Indira Varma was good in her role as Zoe's stepmom. In my opnion the 18-year-old Sophie Nélisse is pretty annoying as Zoe. Of course this can also mean that she plays her role very good. It's the first time I have seen her in a movie, so I can't judge about it. As for the movie, let me state the following:  if you are planning to watch "Close", don't expect to much of the story. It's a pretty standard action movie and it's pretty predictable. When you keep this in mind, just give it a go like I did. I thought it was pretty entertaining., because I'm not always in the mood for a movie with a complicated story. Sometimes you just want to let your mind go blank and watch a nice action movie.

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