Pretty Little Liars Endgame: 2 episodes to go...



Just two more episodes to go and then we get an answer to the question: Who is A.D.? Of course we all have our own ideas and theories, but in Rosewood anything can happen...


I have just watched episode 7.18: "Choose or Loose" and in this article I will write about what happened, my theories and my suspicions. I will be doing that for the remaining episodes and for these articles I will be having the help of a fellow PLL-addict: Vivian. This week you can see her in the video below. Vivian is one of my closest friends and she is like Sherlock Holmes when it comes to "Pretty Little Liars". She is re-watching all episodes and she even keeps a little notebook, with all kinds of hints and notes.


Well I have to say that after this week's episode I am completely lost. Vivian has a new suspect and I honestly don't know what to think anymore.


 So without further ado: let's talk about  Pretty Little Liars.


What do we know?

Let's first talk about what happened in episode 7.18 ( "Choose or Lose") and what we know after this episode:

- The episode starts with Rosewood's brand new happy couple. Allison is back from her trip and talks about how she has trouble sleeping at night. When she and Emily make their way to the bedroom (to make their morning better than their night), they stumble upon A.D.'s game. They both don't know how it got there and since the bed looks like they just got up, it seems like who ever did put it there, just left or is still in the house. Emily notices the extra puzzle piece on the board and then they hear a police siren and banging on the door. It turns out that the Rosewood P.D. has a warrant to search their house, as well as the houses of the other Liars. When the police officers make their way to the bedroom, Allison follows them. She is obviously afraid that the police will find the game, but when they enter the game is gone. After this we see the other Liars. Hannah is on the phone with Emily and we learn that the police first showed up at Spencer's place, she then called Aria, who called Hannah. We see Aria shredding the document A.D. gave her just before the police arrives. We also see that everyone has to turn in their phones.

- What about Spencer? Well we see Spencer for the first time when she walks into the police station, demanding to speak to detective Furey...and she is angry as hell. Her anger turns into disbelief, when she finds out that Furey is no longer on the case. There is someone else in charge and that someone is no other than Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia). She has been a pain in the Liars' asses before and it seems like she will be just that again. Tanner tells Spencer that Furey took himself off the case, right after he gave Tanner full disclosure about his relationship with Spencer. She also tells Spencer: "You should know something. I'm a closer. I asked to have this investigation. I am gonna get to the bottom of what happened to Dunhill and how you and your friends are involved. I've always felt that you were guilty in some way, I just never knew how. Now I think I'm gonna find out."

- After Aria has to hand in her phone to the police, she finds herself alone in "The Brew". Then she hears another phone ringing and she finds it hidden in an air vent. The message on the screen says "Missed call A.D." and she immediately calls back the number (I think this is pretty strange, but we will talk about that later). She insists on meeting A.D. and he/she gives in, and says he.she will text the details of the meeting location later that day. Right after this we see Mona, taking of a headset (was she calling Aria?Is she A.D.?).

- Hannah runs into her mom at The Radley and when Ashley asks her if everything is ok, she answers: "Yeah I'm fine. My childhood Teddy bear is now in jail with my phone and my favorite pillow..." When Ashley asks Hannah if she needs her help, Hannah says she does. But she doesn't want to take it. She says her mom has spent her whole life taking care of her and she wants to return the favour by not getting her mom involved. After this she meets the rest of the gang in one of the suites of The Radley (all of them except for Aria). They talk about what to do next and Emily in a slip of the tongue tells everyone she and Allison spent the night together. Hannah's reaction to this is priceless: "Wait so are you two...wauw about time..".

- Caleb tells the girls he may have a way to track down the game when it goes online and when Hannah notices some food trays in the room. she lifts one of them and finds a phone. It seems to be the one from the game. The screen turns on and it says "Choose or Lose", one of them has to turn herself in, otherwise they all go down. They have 36 hours.

- And then Mona enters the room (yeah!). She tells the Liars that she thinks Aria is on the A.D. Team and she even has proof of it: an excerpt of the conversation between Aria and A.D. about meeting up. She also tells them about the puzzle piece she saw Aria take and the fact that Aria was the only one close to Spencer's house when the recording of her father was being played. Spencer asks Mona how she knows about that and Mona replies with silence. When Spencer asks for more concrete proof, Mona replies with: "Just remember you asked for it..."

- In the meantime Tanner gets a very important piece of evidence: a piece of glass from Spencer's shower drain. In the episode after the Rollins accident we see Hannah picking pieces of glass out of her hair, after she has a shower in Spencer's house. That does not look good.

- Spencer runs into Toby in the bar of The Radley and they have a talk. Toby tells Spencer he is in town, because Tanner asked him in for questioning and he tells Spencer that Tanner seems to be very close to finding the murderer of Dunhill. He also tells her she should come up to his cabin if she needs some rest.

- Aria puts on her hoodie and heads out to meet A.D., but she finds her friends instead. They put two and two together and all have a go at her. Aria tries to explain why she did it but that doesn't help. Especially Spencer is very dissapointed and she tells Aria they are done. While she is walking away Allison stops her.  Tanner has asked for all of them to come in. Aria is left behind and has to make her way to the station on her own.

- Down at the station Tanner gives them one more chance to come clean, before presenting them with the evidence the police found. She tells them that the piece of glass they found in Spencer's shower resembles the glass found under the fingernail of Dunhill's finger. 

- On her way back home Aria calls A.D. and confronts him/her with his/her lie and tells him/her it's over. When she wants to hang up the phone, she can't and when she tries to throw out the phone out of the window A.D. convinces her to wait until tomorrow before taking any rushed decisions.

- The other Liars are trying to come to a solution in The Radley and meanwhile the clock is still ticking, just 24 hours to go. Hannah tells them she thought Mona was acting strange, when telling them about Aria.  They are all willing to turn their selves in. Emily tells them to stop talking about that, because that is what A.D. wants. They already lost Aria. When Spencer says she thinks it's Aria's own fault, Emily tells Spencer off, by confronting her with the facts that A.D. convinced Spencer to play the game first. Spencer storms off, talking about how she has some thinking to do.

- Also in The Radley hotel bar, Mrs. Marin asks Caleb to tell her what is going on with Hannah. When we see him talking to Hannah we find out that told her everything.

- Spencer turns up at Aria's place and she seems to be a bit more mellow about Aria doing what she did. She isn't ready to forgive her yet, but she gets why she did it. None of them is blameless. Just when Spencer wants to apologize Tanner shows up and gives Aria back her belongings. Apparently Tanner received a full frontal picture of Aria from a traffic camera. This places Aria in New Hampshire at the night of Dunhill's murder. Because of this Aria is off the hook. This pisses of Spencer and she storms out again. 

- Ezra tells Aria he knew about the file Aria filled in about him and that he figured she shredded it, right before the police showed up. He threw the shredded papers in a dumpster. He said he found it when Aria fell asleep the other night (that is kind of strange!). Aria decides she wants to tell Ezra everything,but before she does she wants them to be together. She is afraid Ezra won't be there anymore when she tells him.

- All the Liars decide to have one more passionate night before they have to come in for questioning the day after. Caleb takes Hannah to the town hall and tells her he wants to marry her right now. Not only because he can't wait, but also because they can't testify against each other when they are married. Ashley shows up at the town hall and she tells Hannah that Caleb told her everything. She is not happy with it, but she pulled some strings and contacted a lawyer. She also convinced the justice of peace to marry Hannah and Caleb that evening. "Never underestimate the power of a mom. Give me time and I might even get your Teddy bear paroled"

- While Allison and Emily have a romantic night at the Kissing Rock, Spencer shows up at Toby's cabin and she makes a move on him. They quickly reconnect and have sex (This whole scene was so strange!).

- A few hours later Allison, Emily, Hannah, Caleb and Spencer all are in the same room when the timer reaches zero. When time is up, Spencer smashes the phone and Caleb gets a text about the game's location. He goes out to meet Ezra to search for it.

- Then we see Aria calling A.D. she tells him/her she is gonna give herself up, that way she saves her friends and she doesn't have to listen to A.D.'s voice ever again. A.D. tells Aria she is too late. The game is over and she won. Her prize is an unlimited amount of freedom and A.D.  promises things are gonna get messy with her friends. A.d.tells her goodbye and right after that the phone blows. Aria takes her own phone from the boxes the police brought back and takes off.

- Meanwhile we see Ezra and Caleb in the car searching for the location of the game. They end up in the neighborhood where Mona lives.

-Back to Aria. She is in the car and on her way to Spencer. She calls her and gets the voicemail. She tells Spencer she may have a plan to make things right. Then she hears something move in the trunk of the car. She gets out and finds a corps with 9 fingers....Dunhill! Right after she realizes this the police pulls up behind her.

- In the last scene we see Ezra and Caleb outside of Mona's apartment. Caleb seems to have some kind of a heat sensor and they see that Mona is inside, with what seems to be the game. When the camera moves inside we see Mona with the game.  She looks at it in awe and at that moment a little jail comes out of it.

What do we think (video)

What are your thoughts and theories? We are very curious what you think, so let us know in the comments below!

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    Oh my! Great read! I had missed a lot on this series! Thanks for this article, ill get back watching!

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