Pretty Little Liars Endgame: 3 episodes to go...



With just three more episodes to go, we are well into the endgame of Pretty Little Liars and we still don't know the identity of the big fish: Who is A.D.? Of course we all have our own ideas and theories, but in Rosewood anything can happen...


I have just watched episode 7.17: "Driving Miss Crazy" and in this article I will write about what happened, my theories and my suspicions. I will be doing that for the remaining episodes and for these articles I will be having the help of a fellow PLL-addict: Vivian. This week you can hear her voice on the video below and maybe next week she will step in front of the camera. Vivian is one of my closest friends and she is like Sherlock Holmes when it comes to "Pretty Little Liars". She is re-watching all episodes and she even keeps a little notebook, with all kinds of hints and notes.


So without further ado: let's talk about Pretty Little Liars: The Endgame!

What do we know?

There are a lot of things we still don't know for sure, but after watching episode 17 there are a few things we do know:

- Aria is still working with and for A.D. (why Aria, why would you do that?). While Ezra and Aria are taking the dance lessons Ezra signed them up for, Aria misses multiple video calls from A.D. When she eventually talks to him/her, A.D. gives us some more details about the document that he/she is holding over Aria's head. It turns out that Aria wrote a police report about Ezra, years ago. Although she never filed it, this kind of document could mean a lot of trouble for Ezra, because it says he slept with a minor. This means Aria has to do what A.D. says to keepEzra from going to jail and of course A.D. has another job for her (I'll come back to that later).

- Marco still wants to see Spencer and her friends go down for what happened to Rollins/Dunhill and he shows up at Hannah's place, to question Hannah and Caleb about the "accident" in The Radley (you know the flooding which rendered all of the paperwork useless). At that point we also find out that Ashley Marin (Hannah's mom) is back and that Marco has already talked to her about this. All of this scares Hannah into returning to the place of Archer Dunhill's murder, to try and find the shovels the liars used to bury him. When she walk into a park ranger she tells him her car is stuck and she is looking for a shovel. The ranger tells her that there aren't any shovels there, because "they picked them up" to do tests on them.

- When Hannah returns home, she finds her mother there while Caleb is making dinner. When Ashley asks Caleb why he is back with Hannah, Caleb confesses his love to Hannah and he tells her that he can't imagine his life without her. Then he asks Hannah to marry him (yeah!). Later on Caleb and Hannah meet up in a little tent in the woods (deja-vu) and they "exchange rings", well they use the bands of some cigars Hannah brought.

- Meanwhile the Hastings Family is still planning on leaving Rosewood. While Spencer and Mrs. Hastings are packing some boxes, Aria swings by to deliver some food. Well that is a sweet gesture from Aria, right? WRONG! When Spencer is not watching Aria drops a phone into a box and makes up an excuse to get out of the house. After Aria leaves the house a recording starts playing over the Bluetooth speakers and it is a good one! It's a conversation between Mr.Hastings and Mary Drake about the murder of Jessica DiLaurentis, Mr. Hastings loses it and he tears one of the speakers of the wall. After this he takes off.  When he returns to the house he tries to convince Spencer and Veronica that the conversation was about nothing important, but of course they don't believe him. Veronica decides to stay in Rosewood and she wants to call the cops on Peter. Spencer convinces "her mom" to leave the cops out of it.

- When Spencer gets in her car, Mary is in the backseat (again!) and she asks Spencer to drive to the Lost Woods Resort, so they can talk. Mary explains that she intercepted the pills Peter and Jessica wanted to use to kill her and that she slipped them to Jessica. Spencer and Mary have a moment and Mary asks Spencer to come live under the radar with her. Spencer declines, because she can't leave her friends and Veronica behind.

- And then there is Mona! You gotta love Mona! A few episodes ago Hannah showed Mona The Game and she is hell bent on helping the Liars, but not everyone of them is as trusting as Hannah. I loved  the part where Mona storms in and asks: "What did I miss?" and Spencer replies with: "An invitation?" Mona tracked down the doctor that impregnated Ali with Emily's eggs and she made an appointment for her and Emily. This means they have to pretend they are a lesbian couple and the scene is hilarious. But Mona delivers, because when they confront the doc with what they know, he throws them out. But Mona managed to steal a magazine from his office and that magazine has an adress sticker on it. After going through his mail, Emily and Mona find out that someone paid him a lot of money to impregnate Ali. When they confront him he says he doesn't know a name (only an ID number). 

- Meanwhile Aria gets a puzzle piece and a document as a prize for helping A.D. We also see Aria put the puzzle piece on the game board, while dressed in the hoodie (why would you do that Aria?)

- The episode ends with Emily waiting outside of Mona's apartment to ask for her help with the phone Spencer found in her house (you know the one Aria dropped). Mona reacts very strange and seems to be hellbent on keeping Emily out of her apartment. When Mona goes in we see why. While Mona starts typing something on her computer, we see that the original A has a new lair. She has a crime board with a lot of pictures and text on it. When the camera follows the board the episode ends with a shot of the lost shovels Hannah was looking for.

What do we think?

1. Spencer's twin

I still think that Spencer has a twin sister. Why? Well first of all there was Hannah's "dream" when she was kidnapped and being tortured at the farm earlier this season. Spencer seems to come to Hannah in a dream and after a sort of pep talk, Spencer gives Hannah some advice about getting out. That whole scene seemed a bit weird to me. First of all the Spencer in the dream does not have bangs, while real life Spencer does. Of course if it is a dream, Hannah could dream about a "bangless" (is that even a word?) Spencer, but it just seems a bit odd. The second thing that was very strange was that dream Spencer talked about A.D. while Hannah did not know about this new name, I guess she was still calling him Uber A. If it really is a dream Spencer wouldn't say A.D. The second scene that makes me think Spencer has a twin is the scene at the airport in episode 15 (In the Eye abides the Heart).  In this scene Ezra runs into Spencer and Wren at the airport, when he is on his way to visit Nicole. They seem to have a very heated argument. All about this scene is strange. Why would Spencer be there? Marco just told her that he is very close to arresting her for the murder of Archer Dunhill. All he needs is the receipt from the credit card with Spencer's autograph on it. I don't know about you, but if that would happen to me I wouldn't go and have a drink with an acquaintance on the airport. Especially not when my name is Spencer Hastings. She is the one who would usually do anything to stop Marco from getting that receipt. Also in my opinion they are having a drink in the gate area, that means that they are past the security and that they are in possession of a ticket. Why would you buy a ticket  just to have a drink. The Spencer at the airport is not wearing a watch and Spencer is always wearing a watch. In the scene before you see her looking at her watch with the flashlight. Furthermore, why would Spencer ask Ezra not to tell anyone about them running into each other? The whole scene is strange. I also think Ezra is strange in the scene and I do not trust him either. And then there is the scene earlier on in the series where Spencer can not recall throwing all the clothes into the garden, when she is having a mental breakdown. At that point it becomes clear that Spencer had more of these episodes in her past and that she did not recall doing any of these things. I really think Spencer has a twin sister and that this twin has something to do with or is A.D.

2. Mona's Lair

I really don't think that Mona is A.D. or is even working together with A.D. I think Mona is a lot closer to figuring out who A.D. is, than any other. What did catch my eye is the photograph that is lying on the boxes next to the shovels. It's very unclear, but I think it's a picture of "Spencer" (read: Spencer's twin) kissing Wren. There are some theories that Mona is the creator of The Game,because she has a lot of photographs of it. But I think that is not true. Why? Well remember the moment Hannah showed Mona The Game? Mona was really impressed by it and she started making a lot of pictures. I think those are the pictures we see hanging on her crime board. About the shovels, that is the one thing I can't explain. When Hannah is talking to the Park Ranger he says: "They took them". This means there was more than one person picking up the shovels. Who was with Mona? Lucas maybe?

3. Ezra

I still don't trust Ezra and I think he is very shady in the scene at the airport I've discussed before. I mean come on! Yes he was writing a book before, but that doesn't explain the cameras he placed everywhere. I think the whole story was a bit strange.

4. Loose Ends

And there are a lot of them. For example: what's Bethany's place in the whole story? And Sara's? Who killed Cece and why? I think Melissa had something to do with this one. And what is Wren's part in all this?

Check out the video below for our after video of the episode and find out what Vivian thinks about it (she is the voice behind the camera). Please tell us your theories about the identity of A.D.? Tell us in the comments!

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    Mihir Gadhvi (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 06:42)

    Great Article, I really love this show.
    Somehow, I believed that Spencer has a twin sister.

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    Great Article. I watch this show too.