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Okay, what just happened? I'm not even going to lead in this article, because I am pretty worked up at the moment! What the hell is going on...I am completely lost now. No clever remarks, no theories...I've got nothing! Well let's not overreact; we did get the answer to one burning question: Who killed Charlotte/CeCe?


This weeks episode (7.19) was called "Farewell my Lovely". Last week we saw Lt. Tanner closing in on the Liars and at the start of this episode it seems like it's just a matter of hours before gets the warrants to arrest them. This means the Liars are running out of time quickly. Last episode we saw Caleb and Ezra tracking down the signal of the game, leading them to Mona's apartment. And now they are back with the Liars to tell them that they think Mona is A.D. Well they are back with the Liars, minus Aria...Last episode Aria found Dunhill's corpse in the trunk of her car, just before a police car pulled up behind her. She dropped the keys of her car in the trunk when closed the trunk to keep the police from seeing it. And now the policeman is hellbent on helping her open it up. She tries to shake him, by telling him that a friend is on the way with the spare keys. But the cop won't listen and he manages to ope up the trunk. At that moment, however he gets a call and he turns his back to Aria just long enough for her t grab the keys and close the trunk again. Well that was a close call! Meanwhile back at Spencer's house Ezra has a go at the Liars for the way they treated her.He storms out to look for her and Caleb says he will help him track her down...

Mary & Mona

Spencer finds one last wine bottle message from Mary and she decides to go and meet her at The Lost Woods. Mary has a parting gift for her and Allison: The Lost Woods. She put the deed on their names, so they can mortgage it, when they need money for lawyers. 

 Meanwhile Hanna can not believe that Mona is A.D. She decides  to go to Mona to talk to her about it . Caleb won't let her go alone, because he is convinced of the fact that Mona ís A.D. We see Mona enter her apartment and she finds that the game is stolen. There is a note from the Two Crows Diner saying:  "Time for pie. Be there". Mona leaves and Hanna and Caleb follow her to the diner. When Spencer joins them at the stake out, Hanna and Caleb are having a discussion. Hanna wants to wait out on who will show up to meet Mona, while Caleb wants to go in and confront Mona. Spencer tells them they are "arguing like a married couple". This shows that they haven't told their friends about their marriage yet. When Spencer tells Hanna about Mary's gift, Caleb takes matters into his own hands and storms into the Two Crows to confront a very nervous Mona. He tells her that he knows she has the game and that he is going to turn Mona and the game in.  At that moment Mona tells Caleb that the game has been stolen from her and it really seems like Mona starts to loose it again.


Talking about losing it..Aria is still driving around with Dunhill's body in the trunk, she even starts a conversation with it. In doing this she comes up with a plan to redeem herself. She is going to turn herself in, showing Tanner Dunhill's body and in doing so she will help her friends get the police off their backs. She thinks they will forget all about her alibi, when she turns up with the body. When she arrives at the police station Ezra arrives just in time to keep her from going in and he tries to convince her to stop. He says there is nothing that links her to the murder and Aria responds with: "His body is in the back of my car"...Well Ezra that is a pretty big link, huh? Ezra tries to convince Aria to leave Rosewood, but Aria says she does not want to leave her friends. But they do have to get rid of Dunhill's body. When they get to the car, they find that the body is gone....aaarrghh.

Back to Mona

Meanwhile back at the Two Crows Diner, Mona keeps repeating that they always steal the game from her. Then Mona gets a note from the waitress and she tells Caleb that she has to go to the restroom before they leave. Well that never ends well. When Hanna and Spencer come in to try and stop Caleb from scaring Mona away, she runs for the restroom. When Caleb, Hanna and Spencer follow her into the restroom Mona is gone,but she dropped the note. It reads: "Leave now". While trying to find out how Mona could just vanish, they find a secret passageway. Caleb and Spencer decide to check it out, while Hanna makes her way back to town. 


What is happening at the Di Laurentis house? Well Alison and Emily have a serious talk about what will happen to them and the baby if they end up in jail. Alison seems to be really scared and Emily tries to calm her down and tells her she won't let anyone hurt her and the baby. In the meantime we see a pipe near the fireplace, that seems to be leaking some sort of gas into the living room. And then we get to the point, that has been bugging us since before the time-jump. You know the scene where Alison writes Mrs. Rollins on the chalkboard in her class and the girls storm in telling her "he is coming". It turns out that this is just a nightmare Emily has (bummer). When she wakes up, she finds Alison sleeping too.  It turns out A.D. put them to sleep, so he/she could smuggle the game back into the house. When the phone turns back on we see a part of the video made in the night Alison disappeared many years ago. It's on a loop and it shows Alison saying: "We don't have a lot of time"...

Spencer, Caleb, Hannah and Mona...

Back in the secret tunnel Caleb tells Spencer he  isn't that sure about Mona being A.D. anymore. He says: "A.D. doesn't get messages, they send messages."  He also tells Spencer that he and Hanna got married earlier that night. He apologizes about the way things ended between them. Spencer congratulates him and says that he doesn't have to apologize."Don't you dare to apologize for being with me...and don't you dare forget it".  Back in town Hanna is wandering around by herself and  when she passes the bell tower, she sees flower petals floating down.When she goes up, she sees Mona standing by the window (where Charlotte fell out of).  Hanna immediately notices something is off with Mona. She is wearing her glasses and pigtails , like when she was in High School. When Mona sees Hanna she even calls her Charlotte. Well that can't be good, huh? Through a flashback we see Mona and Charlotte/CeCe in the tower at the night of the murder. Mona tells Charlotte she is on to her; she knows Charlotte has been fooling everyone into thinking she has changed. It soon becomes clear that Mona is right, when Charlotte tells Mona that all that happened before was a pick-nick compared to what she is gonna do to them now. This makes Mona snap; she takes a screwdriver and pushes Charlotte towards the edge with the screwdriver pushed against her back. Mona tells Charlotte to jump and let everyone think she committed suicide on her first day back. Even now Charlotte keeps taunting Mona, saying that she doesn't have the guts to push. Back in the present we see Mona trying to push Hanna out of the window, saying that she won't trick her again...Caleb turns up and saves Hanna. They decide to  take Mona to Spencer's house, instead of turning her in in this state. When they walk out, they see the last two puzzle pieces hanging from the car's window.

The puzzle and the sacrifice

The whole gang (plus Aria and Ezra) gather at Spencer's house and put the remaining pieces in the puzzle. The phone lights up and tells them: "The eyes have it". They use the phone to scan the eyes and through some crazy technology they find out that their grand prize is to be found at the house of Ali's aunt. Could Dunhill's body be in Charles' fake grave?  They go over there and start digging. Then Aria says it may be better if they just leave it this way and walk away. After a short discussion, they all decide to leave it be. At that moment Tanner shows up (damn you Tanner!!!) and takes them into custody. Back at the police station the girls discuss what to do now and they decide to tell Tanner the truth and live with the consequences. When Tanner enters the room, she tells the girls that there is a positive "I.D." (not A.D.) on Dunhill's body and that she will come back soon. When Tanner leaves a light goes on in the interrogation room next to the room, where the girls are. Much to everyone's surprise (me included), it's Mary sitting in the room. When Tanner enters it becomes clear that Mary made the ultimate sacrifice and confessed to the murder of Archer Dunhill. She also confesses to killing her twin sister Jessica (Ali's mom), apparently Archer used this to blackmail Mary. She signs the written statement, while the Liars watch in sorrow. When Tanner joins the girls again, she tells them they are free to go. In the hallway Spencer asks to talk to Mary one more time, but Mary just looks back and does a true Liars Sshhhh,

Mona's ultimate confession

Back at Spencer's house, the Liars tell Mona that Dr. Sullivan is on her way to pick her up. Hanna apologizes to Mona for showing her the game and dragging her in all this mess. Mona replies that she doesn't mind, she is just happy that she was needed. Then she says: "Just like you needed me to take care of Charlotte. I'm sorry  I messed that up...". What follows is the true story of the night of the murder. It turns out that Mona did not throw Charlotte out of the window, she throws her on the ground of the tower and warns her never to mess with her and her friends again. Charlotte (annoying as she is) replies: I knew you didn't have the guts! They will never love you!". They get into a fight, which results in Mona throwing Charlotte against a wall. She hits her head against a piece of metal and dies. It turns out it was an accident.  Back in the here and now, the game turns on again and it says: CONGRATULATIONS, not long after this it shuts down completely. The Liars leave the house...could this really be the end?


Well of course it isn't...suddenly we see a Ziploc bag with the little figurines lying in the backseat of a car. The driver of the car wears a hoodie and black gloves. While the person turns up the volume of the radio (that's playing "I can't live, if living is without you"), he or she drives into the sunset...

Say what??? But...but...there is one more episode right? What the hell just happened? Will we get another time jump? Does Spencer really have a twin? Will Mona be okay? There are a lot of questions to be answered in the 2-hour finale, but the most important one is still:


"Who is A.D.?"

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    jhilmil (Monday, 26 June 2017 16:06)

    Oh yes, I'm wanting to watch it soon and you've got more excitement to find out who actually is A.D , rather than Mona! Loved the narration for sure

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