My villagers in Animal Crossing

Let's talk Animal Crossing today! I started to play a few weeks ago and I never imagined I would be completely hooked to this game! And, villagers are a big thing, I noticed. So today I will share which villagers live on my island and how I feel about them! 

I started my island and got Reneigh and Rowan as villagers. Unexperienced as I was, I had no idea about how many villagers I could (eventually) have on my island or which villagers even existed. I didn't even know if everyone would start with the same ones (now I know that's not the case). Anyway, I started the game with Rowan and Reneigh.  I was totally fine with that since I had no experience and no comparison. 

Rowan and Reneigh

Rowan is cranky jock tiger. I had no idea of this at the beginning (of course I did notice the tiger part hahaha). Rowan always me "Mango" and loves fitness (he's always talking about muscles). What I have noticed: Rowan makes a lot of DIY's. Like, a lot. (Almost every day). I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but there's not other villager that has given me so many DIY! Over time, I really started to like Rowan. I am now so happy that he's one of my first villagers. I don't experience him as cranky at all. I would love for Rowan to stay much longer on my island!  Update: Rowan gave me his photo this week! So happy :). 


When I saw Reneigh for the first time, I thought she looked really nice, I have to admit though, that Reneigh really annoys me sometimes. I don't like her "Ayup yup" phrase and she's not the nicest to speak to twice on a day (Asking me if the island is not big enough for the both of us. She can be really kind. But overall I wouldn't mind her leaving. 

And update while I'm writing: Today Mac was on my camping site and asked to stay (and Reneigh would leave). Even though Mac was not on my wish list, I'm excited for Reneigh to move out and to get to know Mac! 

Rosie, Skye & Lopez

Rosie, Skye and Lopez are 3 more villagers that came to live on my island via Nook, not by my choice. In the first 3 houses I built, I got Deli, Rosie and Skye. Lopez was the first one to stay on the camping site and then live on the island. Deli has moved out already. He was a nice villager, but he asked to move out and I just agreed so see what would happen. 


I am really happy to have Rosie on my island. Rosie is a peppy cat who wants to be a movie star. She loves karaoke. Rosie is definitely a villager I would love to keep! She is super kind, happy and I love how she always talks about becoming a pop star. 


As for Skye, I felt quite neutral. I wouldn't have picked Skye myself. But she also doesn't do anything to bother me. Skye is a blue wolf with a normal personality. My connection with Skye is growing at the moment. She doesn't need to leave  at the moment, I do enjoy having her around. But if one day she decides she wants to leave, I think I would let her go. Skye always calls me "airmail", a bit of a weird catchphrase I think haha. 


And then... Lopez! I really, really didn't like to get Lopez on my island. From the first moment on, I was determined to get him off my island. Lopez is a male smug deer. He has the catch phrase "Badoom", which I didn't like haha. So I ignored Lopez and complained him (how he talks and dresses) as Isabelle. But Lopez was there to stay. And I have to say, I went by his place on his birthday, and I started to see how fun Lopez can be. And right now.. I want him to stay! It's getting better and better! 

Note - While writing this article Lopez asked to leave. And well, it felt just fair to let him go. After he left I went on a villager hunt and found Frita!

Peanut and Raymond

Peanut and Raymond were the next ones to join my island. Both of them, I chose myself and I'm very happy with that! I found Peanut with my first villager hunt. If you can even call it a hunt hahahahaha. I think I only had about 5 NMT (Nook Miles Tickets) whahaha. But I was lucky enough to find Peanut! She's a squirrel and I liked her immediately. Peanut is peppy and her hobby is fashion. I love having her around. Definitely one of my favorite villagers. She's always so positive and happy. Her house is in the style cute, and I love it! 


The second one I found on a villager hunt was Raymond. I still had little idea of all the villagers that existed. And again I went on a hunt with little NMT. After only a few NMT (I think the fourth one), I found Raymond. I looked him up via Facebook group, to learn a bit more about him. I saw he's a very popular villager and lot of people spend a lot of NMT to get him. It definitely sparked my curiosity and I decided to take Raymond to my island! 


I like having Raymond around! By accident, i gave him a shirt once and now he's always wearing that hahaha. At first I regretted it, but I know I think it's kind of funny. Raymond is a smug cat and I like having him on the island! He thinks he's really cool and calls me Crisp. 

Chrissy, Walt and Olivia

Deli was a villager on my island that got a house via Tom Nook (At that point I didn't know yet you can find villagers yourself). When Deli wanted to leave, I decided to look for another villager. And on this quest, I found Chrissy! I was so happy. I invited her to the island, because she looks so funny, pink on her head with dots. And she's as cute as she looks. She wants to be a popstar and I love that. She brightens up the island. And when see Chrissy, Peanut and Rosie together, they're so cute! Chrissy is a rabbit and she's peppy. I always love talking to Chrisssy and definitely want her for a long time on my island! 


The next one to join my island was cranky kangaroo Walt! I have to admit here: I invited him on my island because it was my last NMT. I just told myself, it's nice to have another cranky villager. And just give Walt a chance. I like his house and I'm now used to having Walt around. He is not my favorite villager. But I don't dislike him either. I'm always curious to see what he has to say. And I like to see him walking around the island or sitting somewhere. He's not always happy though with gifts he gets from me haha. But I think we're getting to know each other better and better! But, if he wants to leave. I'm not saying I won't let him go. 


Next, I found Olivia. I was again on a villager hunt (again with not so many NMT haha.). And I was very happy to find this snooty cat, Olivia! I was happy to see her and she seemed like a great villager. once she moved in, I wasn't always too fond of her haha. Sometimes she's nice, sometimes... a bit less.One day, I gave her a gift and she was kind of rude. So against my own rules i grabbed my net and hit her on the head with it (yeah, it's so sad of me to do that!). I was so irritated by her. Then, Olivia became really sad. She didn't want to talk anymore, she said she was 'filled to the brim with sadness.' And I felt so guilty!  Now we are kind of okay. Olivia is acting normal again. And I'm playing nice because I still feel a bit guilty haha. But I don't know if we're meant to be forever...  

Who are your villagers?

Who are your villagers? Are you happy with the villagers you have right now? And how did you find them? Did you spend a lot of NMT?

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