Movie review: The Green Inferno

It was one of those evenings again! We wanted to watch a movie, but I couldn't find anything to watch. Really, having a huge movie collection is comparable to standing before you closet and looking at your shoes or clothes. I can look at our 1500+ DVDs and just think: But.. we have nothing to watch! Then Sig picked this DVD and I had to admit: I totally forgot that we had this movie. Sig bought this movie at a flea market a few months ago. I knew he had bought it. But I didn't know the title and I completely forgot about it. The cover of the movie didn't immediately made me enthusiastic. My enthusiasm grew when I saw that the movie is from the same director (Eli Roth) as Hostel and Cabin Fever. I like his style. So we decided to watch the movie! 

In the Green Inferno, a group of activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest. One of them is Justine. Justine has never joined such a trip. But she convinces the group leader Alejandro to take her with them. Her father works for the United Nations and that might be of help. She's excited to join the group. I already liked the start of the movie.  It was nice to see the group bond and leave for their mission. Their most important weapon is their phone. They are recording everything that happens. The plan is that this will keep them safe. If anything happens to one of them, it's recorded. So that will stop people from hurting them right? 

What they didn't take into account is a cannibalistic tribe. Ans that's where Hostel meets Cannibal Holocaust. The beginning of the movie reminded me a bit of Hostel. Just when I look at the way the story is built up and the way the characters develop. The setting is completely different though. Later on, it turns more into a cannibalistic movie. The Green Inferno is an homage to Italian cannibal films and you can really see that. Sig and I have watched quite some of these movies. So we immediately noticed it. I love most cannibal movies. I really liked these elements in the movie. There more than enough gore haha. And the cannibal elements really work well. But don't watch this movie if you don't like gory scenes! There's plenty of those. 

I really liked the movie. I think it's great it turns into a cannibal movie. The characters are nice, though not all very necessary. I like the main characters. Lorenza Izzo is doing a great job in portraying Justine. She starts off as a bit of a naive girl. She's a bit in love with Alejandro and actually isn't into activism. But because she likes him, she joins the group. Not having an idea of what she's getting herself into. I think that's a nice perspective in the movie. Seeing Justine develop from a naive girl who just want to be close to a guy she likes. And suddenly she's in a plane. On her way to the Amazon. And that's serious business. As soon as she realizes that, you see her change. And it's thanks to Lorenza that this is very convincing and gives credibility to the story. 

There's not as much attention for the other characters of the group. We mainly get to know Justine and Alejandro. And see a bit of Alejandro's girlfriend as well. I would have loved to get to know the other group members a bit as well. Now the focus was mainly on these three and that has an effect on how you look at the gore scenes/ kills. All in all I think it's a great movie and I would definitely recommend it if you're into horror. A modern twist on the Italian cannibal movies: I like it! 

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