Just Scream - Short film

Just Scream is a short film, written and directed by Ewuraka Dawson - Amoah. The movie stars Ewuraka Dawson - Amoah (as Emma), Timothy J. Cox (as Carl), Kat Aman (as Sara) and Dmitry Lesnevskiy (as Mark).  


Just Scream is a short film about listening. How good are people actually listening when you tell them something. A couple of years ago, during a course someone said, "Don't listen to respond. Make sure to actually listen. Don't start already with thinking about your response." I always really liked that idea. And this short film made me think of that. And not just that. It goes further. 

Still of the short film Just Scream

In Just Scream, we see TV personality Carl Peterson getting ready for an interview. Emma Clarke is the person he's interviewing. She has a tragic story to tell.  But when she tells her story during the interview, the actual question is: Who is really listening?


Just Scream is a story about a woman with a painful story. She's willing to tell about her experience. But who's listening? The movie raises questions, about interviewing, about listening but also about Emma's story and how society responds to that. 

Are people more concerned with what they want to answer, or what the interview will look like? What their next question is? And what does that to someone's story? 

Watch Just Scream below and decide for yourself... 

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