Incognita - Short film

Ben Park has a new job as a teacher. He's excited to start with his first day. When he arrives, a colleague shows him around. He's ready to start. So things seem to be going pretty great! On top of that, he hears from his wife that they're having a baby! Ben needs to get used to the idea a little. A lot of things are going on in his mind. So many changes, new things. But that's not all. If these things seem life changing, then wait or what one of the students has to say to him after class...

Still from Incognita (2019)


The short film Incognita is written Brielle Carroll and Asha Rosemond and directed by Asha Rosemond. The movie stars Sean Kneese (as Ben Park), Phil Kramer (Trevor, the student), Timothy J Cox (as professor Philips, Ben's colleague) and Nedra Shamberger (as Veronica, Ben's wife). The film takes about 12 minutes. 


My thoughts

I really liked this short film! There's a lot going on and I like the story line. The combination of all new things happening to Ben is well chosen. A new job, the news of having baby and the conversation he has with one of students. It all turns his life upside down and that's very well expressed in such a short time. 


My favorite parts are the scenes with Phil Kramer and Timothy J. Cox. I think they're both great in this short film! Timothy is a convincing new colleague, showing Ben around and checking in with him. Phil has some really strong scenes where you can see Trevor's emotions on his face. That was really strong. 

Still of Phil Kramer in Incognita (2019)

For some parts, I wished there was a bit more time for depth or explanation. Especially the phone call between Ben and his wife, where she tells him she's pregnant. We don't know her yet, so I thought she was a bit hard to read. She told him she was excited, but I first thought she sounded more like she was going to cry. Also Ben's reaction was a little hard to place. Did he want this? or expect this? 


If Incognita would be a longer film (which would be great), I would love to see more background on that. I had so many questions. Was it completely unexpected? Why is Ben not excited from the first moment? W don't know him or his wife enough to draw conclusions. 

Ingonita (2019) short film still

I'm really happy there's more emphasis on the talk Ben has with his students, and the life changing conclusions that follow from that. It also raised a lot of questions for me. But most get answered in the short film. And that's quite impressive considering the length of the film. 


I liked the story and would definitely love to see more. Especially in the scenes between Ben and his wife, where I would love to know more about them and their relationship. So you can see, I enjoyed seeing Incognita. It's definitely a film that makes you wonder about how you would react in certain situations. But it also makes you think about the characters in the film. It really made me think about who they are, how they got there and what happened to them. I definitely wanted to know more. On top of that, during the credits you get to something extra. I totally loved that hahaha. So watch Incognita, and watch it till the end ;). Enjoy! (Watch the film below!)

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