Heroes Made in Asia 2024

WHOOP WHOOP! We´re so excited about Heroes Made in Asia 2024. After what feels like a loooooooong winter, we were SO READY for our first event of 2024. We needed Heroes Made in Asia so much. We were super excited to go again (Excited is an understatement). In case you're not familiar with Heroes Made in Asia: at HMIA you find everything related to Asian pop culture. And that's a lot: awesome workshops, language lessons, manga, anime, food, Cosplay, guests, merchandise and gaming. We've been going to Heroes Made in Asia for years now and we love it! We always have a great time so we were definitely ready to have an amazing day again. 

Sunday morning

In the week before Heroes Made in Asia we already read that there was maintenance at Gorinchem station, so our trip would take longer. OH NOOOOOO. This means getting up earlier. Probable also arrive a bit later. But well, life goes on. We definitely want to go. So our Sunday morning was early. VERY EARLY. Like, really early! And no, we didn't just hop on a bus. We had to get on our bike first. Bike to the station (the bus doesn't go that early on Sundays). Yes, get up early ánd bike. The dedication. That's because Heroes Made in Asia is always so awesome and we wouldn't miss it for the world. 

Arriving at Heroes Made in Asia

We arrived around 11.00 on Sunday at Heroes Made in Asia. Whoop whoop. Getting in went very fast. Within minutes we were inside. Love that! Quick an efficient. We entered in the hall with merchandise, so that was a great start. In the first five minutes, we already bought a DVD and a blu-ray at Go Anime. WHOOP WHOOP. This only made us more excited. So much to see, so much to do. There were quite some exhibitors and a main stage. We also saw House of Wax. And a lot of food (and seats!). Workshops. Of course also an artist alley and much more. 


Heroes Made in Asia invited quite a few guests again! Love that. Michaela Jill Murphy (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Meet the Robinsons, Boruto), Mike McFarland (Dragonball Z and FDragonball Super, One Piece, Titan, My Hero Academia) and Kayleigh McKee (Guilty Gear Strive, One Piece, Escape Academy) had panels on the main stage. We visited the panel of Mike McFarland, which was really interesting! He told quite a bit about the voice of Buggy in Once Piece. We enjoyed learning more about that. We also saw a bit of the other 2 panels. 


Next to that, more was organized at the main stage. Like a lion dance, cosplay datingshow, naruto screening and more. As usual, it was a great program again! We also attended the dragondance, which was impressive to see!

Food at Heroes Made in Asia

What can I say? We always love the food at Heroes Made in Asia. Just the food is reason enough to visit haha. Each time we visit, we try something else (and we try a lot! haha). The food is great. This time, the choices in food didn't disappoint, as usual. I was feeling adventurous and kicked off with a Minion Bapao. Which looked so great and also tasted great. Liv had some satay. Later on, we also ate some rice & chicken and a korean corndog.  


Before going to Heroes Made in Asia, I was already looking forward to go through all the merchandise again. I really wanted to buy some things (wasn't sure what yet though haha) and I couldn't wait to see the merchandise booths. And it was a lot of fun again! There's always so much to see and I always find something new.  


We kicked off great and bought a DVD and blu-ray at Go Anima within our first 5 minutes of being at Heroes Made in Asia. Liv bought One Piece Stampede and Carola bought Ride your Wave. Towards the end of the day we bought WAY MORE haha. Suddenly we were on a shopping spree and couldn't be stopped. Check out what we bought on the photos below. 


The are always a lot of fun workshops at Heroes Made an Asia and we always try to do one or two. We've been wanting to do the calligraphy workshops for a few editions alreay (but it's always fully booked). And luckily this year, we were in time. This workshop was held by Japan Holland Link and we always enjoy following their workshops. We had a lot uf fun and learned a lot! 

Excited is an understatement

WHOOP WHOOP, we had amazing time again at Heroes Made in Asia. We can't wait to go next year and hope to see you there too!

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