Bloody Night Con: where we ate!

Since we write a lot about comic cons, we decided to give you some more insight in details of our comic con visits! We'll show you more of the places we stayed, the places we ate and all our other adventures. Going to a convention can be pretty exhausting! So we always need to eat something afterwards haha. Especially this day. The Saturday of Bloody Night Con Brussels was pretty busy day for us! The convention ended at 8 pm and all I ate that day so far were some cornflakes and a waffle. So we were terribly hungry! And well, getting something eat was easier said than done! We started to walk to find a place to eat. 

We looked on Tripadvisor. And tried with Google Maps. The first things we found, were already closing (Yes, that early). So we walked and walked. But didn't find a place we all wanted to eat. This day, was also the day of the Belgian Pride. So is was extremely busy n the city. I must say: Everything looked beautiful. Lots of happy people in the streets and buildings that got all the colors of the rainbow! But it also meant it was way harder to find a nice place to eat. We looked some more on Tripadvisor and we found a place. We walked over there and went inside. But there wasn't any space. We were already walking around for about an hour.  It was at that point that I realized that there might be a Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels. I always love going to a Hard Rock Cafe! So I checked online and we were lucky! I was only a 5-minute walk. We walked over there and it was also very busy at the Hard Rock Cafe. The waiting time was about half an hour and we received a device. That device would go off when our table came free. That was very handy! We were able to wait outside and chat a bit. Nice in time, the device went off and it was time to eat!  

We all started with nachos! I love nachos and especially the nachos at the Hard Rock Cafe. We do always share a plate. Because it really is way too much for me alone. But just look at the photos.. These nachos look great don't they? And they tasted awesome as well! 

As a main dish, I chose the twisted mac & cheese. Another one of my favorites! It never disappoints me. Sigmund, Tristan and Liv chose a burger. We all loved it and it tasted great!  

We had a great time at the Hard Rock cafe Brussels! We were hungry and thirsty after a long of Bloody Night Con and we we're happy that we chose to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. Drinks were refilled fast and the dinner was great! I'd definitely go there again when we're back in Brussels. 

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    Indrani (Thursday, 01 June 2017 08:34)

    Brussels looks so colorful, all lit up so well. I could do only a day tour of the place.
    Hard Rock Cafe is a great choice for food. The spread you got is really good and yumm.

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    Teresa (Monday, 19 June 2017 04:04)

    Those nachos look so delicious! I love cheese melting on nachos or on bread. I love the flavor and the texture. I'm happy for you that you enjoyed your food.