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"Gypsy" is an American psychological thriller series, created by Lisa Rubin. It's a Netflix Original and the leading role is for Naomi Watts, who plays Jean. Jean is a therapist. She 's married and has a daughter, but she's not very happy. She feels pressure from other moms and is constantly afraid that her husband will start an affair with his assistant. 

One day, she decides to get a bit closer to her patients. Without them knowing, she gets more involved in their lives. She contacts people they know and doesn't tell them who she really is and she develops an pseudonym: Diane Hart. A guy who's in therapy with her tells her about his ex. He has trouble getting over their break up. Jean makes sure she 'coincidentally' meets his ex-girlfriend and has a coffee with her. And it doesn't stop there: She stays in contact, developing the relationship with the relatives and friends of her patients. She just has to be careful not to be discovered. Meanwhile she struggles with her own life: Is her husband really not falling for his assistant? 

My opinion

I thought the story line sounded interesting. A therapist who gets too involved. It must be risky to contact friends or family members of patients, pretend to be someone else and not get caught. However, I didn't really get this tension from the series. 


The story is quite slow. Not a lot happens in 1 episode which makes it a series I watch merely when I'm ironing or traveling. It's just something 'easy' to watch in between. It is interesting to see Jean struggle with her own life and see her react to her patients while she knows so much more about them than they suspect. Watching her work and do the conversations with her patients is interesting. 


But I'm not really excited about "Gypsy". Naomi Watts is great, but the story doesn't move quickly enough. And I don't feel the tension you should, when you're watching a thriller series. It doesn't feel like she could be caught any time. (Which she could of course). I found myself just watching, without any feeling of really wanting to know what will happen or curiosity.  It's also a bit predictable in some ways (her relationship with her husband, the way she acts as a therapist at home or analyzes people). All in all, it was okay to watch "Gypsy", but it won't be on my top series list. 

The actors

Naomi Watts has the leading role in Gyspy. She plays therapist Jean. She plays the role very well, though I don't really like the character. But maybe I'm not even supposed to. 


Jean's husband, Michael Holloway, is played by Billy Crudup. Other roles in the series for Sophie Cookson (as Sidney Pierce), Karl Glusman (Sam Duffy), Melanie Liburd (as Alexis) and Brooke Bloom (as Rebecca Rogers). 

How many seasons?

There's just one season. Netflix cancelled a second season. 


Imdb: 7

Me: 6

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