Geekfuel try-out

I've been looking for a new box subscription ever since BAM Box isn't shipping to the Netherlands anymore. I left it alone for a while. And recently I started watching some unboxings again, hoping to make up my mind. I'm thinking about a few boxes. Every box has its pros and cons. And then I saw this promotion for Geekfuel: You'd only pay shipping and handling for your first box. So I decided to order it and try it out. I also texted Liv and she ordered the box as well. And today.. it's time for our unboxing. So, this is not a new Geekfuel. But a rather old one. These are made for the promotion. I will receive the next new Geekfuel box as well. After that.. Well I'll see if I'm impressed ;). Let's see what's in the promotion box! Watch our unboxing vlog below! 

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    Gilian (Sunday, 20 August 2017 22:58)

    Opening it can be very exciting. Haha. I'm planning to do this as well. I'll be searching for one. :) looks really cool. :)

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    latoya (Tuesday, 22 August 2017 18:37)

    This box looks packed with a lot of cool stuff.

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    Nilyn (Wednesday, 23 August 2017 21:01)

    Lol, you both got the magazine first and both passed on it. Couldn't help but smile at that. Same with the 2nd item (later on I realized you got the same item chronologically or was the video arranged instead?). I think the Stewie on is cute, my son would love to have that as well. I haven't watched Family guy either. lol.

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    Amila (Friday, 25 August 2017 07:31)

    It is always fantastic to open a subscription box.This box is full of exciting items.I like this detailed video review.That gives great idea of the box and its stuff!