Sig's DVD & Game Update 6

Hey I'm back again with another DVD and game update for you guys. Me and Carola went to a another flea market and I got very lucky again. I found some great stuff, a couple of DVDs, games and even some kick ass VHS tapes. Lately I've been on a lucky streak, every flea market I go to I find amazing stuff to add to my collection. So I thought I'd make another video for you guys, I hope you enjoy it very much.

Here is a list of all the stuff I got this time:



- Hardcase and Fist (Company of Motion Pictures, Dutch release, region free)

- Deadheat (Company of Motion Pictures, Dutch release, region free)

- A Night At The Magic Castle (Company of Motion Pictures, Dutch release, region free)

- Terminator Salvation (Sony Pictures, Dutch release, region 2)

- Savage Beach (Malibu Bay Films, Dutch release, region 2) (check out my review of this one here)



- Ninja The Battalion/Ninja Force of Assassins (double VHS)

- Magnum Force (NTSC)

Xbox 360:

- Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

- Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

- Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

- Lego Marvel The Avengers

- Lego Jurassic World


- Tomb Raider



- 2 empty cases


Playstation 2:

- Playboy The Mansion

- Conflict Desert Storm 2

- True Crime Streets of L.A.

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