Visiting Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam 2024

WHOOP WHOOP! Recently we visited Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam. We went the whole weekend and had an amazing time. Are you ready to hear all about our weekend? Let's go! 


We arrived on Saturday and started with breakfast at the event. After breakfast there was a tour and we were shown around. We got a quick overview of the event and then took place on the seats at the main stage. All the guests were introduced and came on stage. This was a great moment to see all the guests at once. It only made us more excited for the weekend! After this magical opening, we were allowed to do a few interviews (whoop whoop!). Of course we will share all the interviews with you! After the interviews, it was time for us to run around the event and do as much as possible! 


We walked around at Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam and there was enough to see! A big hall with all the actors (enough space to walk around and make queues), a merchandise hall, a hall with a main stage and a hall with artists, merchandise, comics and boardgames. There weren't many halls, but it was nicely set up. It was easy to find your way around and to actually walk around. It also wasn't too crowded, which was nice. The only thing I'd say, is that weren't a lot of food opportunities. The queue wasn't too long at the food booths that were there. But personally I just prefer a bit more variation. 


There were also some photo opportunities, like getting a photo with the DeLorean, but also photo opportunities from Once Upon A Time, the Last of Us and Beauty and the Beast. That was nice and I'd say: The more the better! We just love a good photo opportunity. We also loved that there was the opportunity to do sword fighting (Liv tried it out!). 

Meeting the starguests

At Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam, we interviewed Kim Coates, Rebecca Mader and Jeff Ward. On Sunday, we also asked Cassady McClincy a couple of questions. You can watch the interviews on our TikTok channel


Comic FIlm and Manga Fest Rotterdam also had this really awesome thing. You could buy selfie and autograph tickets as tombola tickets. We'll explain! You would buy for example an autograph tombola ticket. They cost 25,- euros. When you buy the ticket, you don't know from which one of the starguests you will get an autograph. You will find out at the event. And since we love surprises, we both bought an autograph and a selfie tombola ticket. This could be for any guest, so it was really exciting. We were both very enthousiastic about this option. It adds some extra excitement. It was so cool to wait and find out! At the event, you would say you have these tickets and then you would get a piece of paper with a name on it. 

(Want to see how we found out?  check our TikTok channel). 


The names we got were Cassady McClincy (Selfie), Kim Coates (Selfie) and Rebecca Mader (2x autograph). We were very happy with this! We had met Kim before and interviewed him on Saturday and it was amazing to for a selfie as well. Kim is so kind. We hadn't met Cassady yet, and we loved meeting her. She is so energetic, enthusiastic and kind. It was great. And then also of course an autograph from Rebecca. We have met her a couple of times already and did an interview on Saturday. But somehow, we never got an autograph before. We were very excited to get one now! 


Over all, the queues at the signing tables were well managed, not too long and there was clear communication. So definitely a great experience!

The panels

As always, we also attended a lot of panels (we watched one panel of each guest). The panels were done in a huge room with lots of seatings (awesome!!!!). And we loved that. The sound was great, lighting good and seats enough. That was amazing. We enjoyed all the panels. Also most guests (who attended 2 days) did panels on both days. We loved that too! There was a great host, she asked good questions and there was enough space for the fans to ask questions too. 

Soon we will share our recordings, for now we will show you some pictures. WHOOP WHOOP. 

See you next year!

Well, I think the photos show ;) we both absolutely had an amazing weekend. We met some great stars, met old & new friends, were excited about our tombola tickets, made some great photos and had a lot of fun! Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam already announced their dates for next year (March 15th and 16th) and announced a first guest (Kat Graham!). So this looks gooooooood! We would love to go to this events next year again and can't wait. Excited is an understatement!

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