FACTS Fall Edition 2021

Hello and welcome to our main page for the FACTS Fall Edition of 2021! FACTS Fall Edition of 2021 was held in the weekend of 6-7 November in Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium. Due to the hell that is Covid-19 it was the first edition in almost two years. More than 35000 people made their way to Flanders Expo to escape the outside world for a weekend of dreams and fantasy. For us it was even longer ago that we were at FACTS. We wanted to go to the Spring edition of 2020, but Covid spoiled that party. But now nothing could stop us and on Sunday we got up really early and made our way to Ghent. Excited as always (and of course excited is an understatement. We would like to welcome you to our main page for the event. Just click the tiles below and take a dive in the magical world of FACTS Fall 2021.


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