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It was at Dutch Comic Con that I heard about this series: After Life. I think it was Shannen Doherty who recommended it during her panel. I wrote it down and first thing at home: Netflix! I paused watching Turn Up Charlie and started with After Life. I had a super busy week, but I managed to watched this first season while travelling. 

Still of After Life on Netflix
Still of After Life on Netflix

After Life is about Tony. When Tony's wife dies, he changes. From a nice & funny guy, he turns into a grumpy, sarcastic man. He doesn't care anymore. He says he wants to commit suicide. He has nothing to live for anymore. So he decides that he can do an say anything, because it all doesn't matter anymore. 

My opinion

This series was a great recommendation! I'm glad I started watching it. It's amazing. Tony loved his wife so much. They were always together. He works at a local newspaper. As soon as he would be done with work, he rushed home to be together with her. They were so in love and just wanted to spend time together. But her illness ended that. She died. Tony is devastated. He and his wife had a dog together, which is what keeping him alive. He has to take care of their dog, which gives him a reason to get up in the morning. But still, he doesn't care about other things anymore.


He drives everyone around him nuts. They want to help, see him happy. But Tony doesn't want to be happy. He's sarcastic, angry and vicious. He doesn't want to be kind anymore. There's no point. The series is After Life is amazing. It's definitely emotional. It's so hard to see Tony like that. But it's also funny. Tony being sarcastic and saying whatever is on his mind. Every episode it was a surprise again to see what else he had in store. It's a perfect combination of funny and serious. The story is very touching and well written. 

The actors

Tony is being played by Ricky Gervais, who does an absolutely amazing job. He's awesome in portraying Tony: from anger to frustration and despair, Ricky can do it all. And you really feel it. I was really impressed by his acting in this series. It's a difficult role, but he's amazing. Other roles are for: 


Tom Badsen as Matt

Tony Way as Lenny

Diane Morgan as Kath

Mandheep Dillon as Sandy

David Bradley as Tony's dad

How many seasons?

1 up until now. 


Imdb: 8,6

Me: 9

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