Got a secret, can you keep it? 3 TV shows I quit watching!

A few days ago, we talked about 3 reasons to quit watching a TV series.. Today I'm confessing to you which ones I stopped watching! I won't discuss all of them. But I'll show you an example for each of the reasons.  Are you ready? Here we go! Oh, and don't forget to confess in the comments ;). I'm curious to find out which ones you didn't finish!  

1. I didn't like it from the beginning

I started watching Breaking Bad after hearing many, many positive things about it. Everyone seemed very enthusiastic. The rate on IMDB was amazing. So I was interested in this for sure. Sig and I started to watch season 1 together. After hearing so many people say it was the best TV show they had ever seen, my expectations were high. The first episode was just 'okay' for me. But I just told myself: Watch a few episodes more and you'll be just as psyched as everyone else. 


So we watched and watched. Until we finished season 1. But nothing happened. I just didn't like it. Neither did Sig, I didn't really like the story line. Ok, it's original. But I wasn't amazed. I wasn't curious about what would come next, Even a bit too predictable on some level. So we stopped watching. 


At a certain moment, Giancarlo Esposito was announced as a guest for Dutch Comic Con. If you have watched Breaking Bad, you'll know him as Gus Fring. I watched Revolution (Giancarlo plays Tom Neville). And eventually, I also decided to give Breaking Bad a second go. Show me Gus Fring! So I watched and watched. Up until the very last episode that Giancarlo played in Breaking Bad. 


As soon as I had seen that episode, I closed my Breaking Bad chapter. And I've never returned for more. My feeling stayed the same during all those other seasons. I liked seeing Giancarlo as Gus. But the series as a whole is just not for me. So with that, I guess Breaking Bad will stay on my unfinished list forever... 

2. I didn't came back for more

I loved the storyline of Lost! Those people who get stranded on an island. I'm always interested in such movies/ series. It's fascinating to see how people develop and what they decide to do when they're stranded. And that's how Lost started out as well. It was all about survival. And the interaction between the characters. I definitely loved watching this! 

But the plot got stranger and stranger. I totally got lost when the plot went in the direction of Dharma initiative. Starting with Desmond pushing the button all the time. 


I just got 'lost' haha. I noticed that I didn't watch it as frequently as I used to anymore. Resulting in me understanding even less of the plot. Which eventually lead to never coming back to watch it. The last thing that I remember is that a few people were abducted on another part of the island? 


Recently I gave it another go. I started from scratch. The reason was that I thought I'd meet Ian Somerhalder at Bloody Night Con (He eventually canceled). I watched a few episodes. But I remembered this too well. So it wasn't really fun to watch it again. And I stranded again. Maybe I should rewatch it from a specific season. But then again I wonder: Do I remember enough? For now, I'm at peace knowing this series is on my unfinished list. But maybe one day... 

3. The love faded and turned into frustration

Another Tv show I completely loved when I started watching it was Pretty Little Liars. I thought it was awesome. I came back for more episode as soon as I had time. Always wondering who was A. Sometimes shocked when something was revealed. Always feeling for the girls when all these terrible things were happening to them. 

I think Pretty Little Liars has a great plot. And I definitely enjoyed watching.


But it was the hype that made my love fade away. After every season, news articles would pop op: 'You never knew this person was A' or 'The next season will reveal who A is'. So I watched and watched. And still didn't know who A really was. And the story became crazier by the day. At one moment, I felt a bit of irritation. This was going really far. I didn't feel real anymore. 


But I kept watching. I mean: I needed to know who A. was. But by the time everyone and no one had been A or had been accused of being A, I was done. That was around the point where we found that Allison was still alive. I quit watching just ' out of the blue'. The frustration was just too much. And I had lost my faith in a genius and logical ending. 

And now.. Now I know that finally, you know who A is. Maybe, one day I can handle it to watch it again. Knowing that A truly will be revealed at one point.

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  • #1

    Nelu Mbingu (Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:53)

    Personally I just don't watch TV shows because I don't have NetFlix and I don't want to pirate them. So there's my reason lol!

  • #2

    jhilmil (Thursday, 13 July 2017 02:24)

    Curiosity generators do raise the sensation & eagerness to keep on watching the shows, but one day that fades away knowing that they will not really let us know who "A" was.. It happens with me & I quit watching these shows then!

  • #3

    Blair villanueva (Thursday, 13 July 2017 07:48)

    And here's the thing: I've never watched these tv series! HAHA But I know the feeling when you got disappointed. Never looking back.

  • #4

    Nancy (Friday, 14 July 2017 00:12)

    OK, am thrilled to see you and I share a secret :-) I couldn´t stand Breaking Bad! Like you, everyone I knew was raving about how good it was. So I endured an episode. Then three. But by the 4th one, I knew we were breaking up. Just didn't dig that storyline, the actor, and the whole vibe. Maby like you I also had oo high expectations based on what everyone said. Goes to show tastes and reviews differ. I´ve heard somethings about LOST. Maybe I´ll check it out. After Designated Survivor and Homeland haha!

  • #5

    Irma (Sunday, 16 July 2017 20:07)

    I have watched only "lost" from this list. And it was great at the beginning but, as you said, it started to get weird. I actually watched the last episode and I still don't get it. The last few seasons completely have no sense but the last episode is the worst. A complete enigma to me.

  • #6

    Maria (Thursday, 24 August 2017 16:05)

    Actually felt this when I started OITNB. I got bored just after the first episode. I actually started watching it because I was looking for "Donna" from That 70's Show. I liked her so much there so I was wondering what show is she currently on. I guess there will really be shows that would be a bore to some people and be interesting with others. Now, I'm giving Medici a chance because Rob Stark is there! �